WIndows 8 Classic Shell. Get Your Start Menu Back

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Classic shell is a great free program for getting your start menu back in windows 8.


  1. I like classic shell too but you may or may not be aware of the the keyboard shortcut-Windows-X. If you hold down the Windows key (next to the Alt key) then click on the X key it takes you to pretty much everything you need, including the Control Panel. Sorry if you already knew this but I find it faster to do that, less mouse clicks. I paid for Star8 Stardock and used for a while and found I had more options with Classic Shell. Thanks for the tips!

  2. I had Vista for a long time and nary a problem gaming, surfing, and web designing on it. I just got bored of it and thought W7 looked better. I think W8.1 is shite for non-touch computers and their so-called 'Start button' resurrection is lame as in Microsoft didn't listen to their users, once again. Haters gotta hate. Haha

  3. I tend to agree with this comment. I used Linux exclusively as my main os for about a year. I loved it at first for the same reason that I love Android… Openness. But I'm back to using Windows 7 because I got sick of jumpin through hoops every time I wanted to get something new going on Linux. I'm planning a hackintosh build in the near future so we'll see how that goes

  4. Linux is great. GNU is great. If you want a server or a CLI environment it's the best free consumer solution.

    If you want a good free Desktop Environment and Window manager, there isn't one. Gnome3 is shit, KDE is shit, Unity is shit. itself was a good start, but for modern GPU is shit.

    DWM on windows 7 is amazing. Maybe when Wayland gets traction there will be a non-shit graphical enviroment with GPU acceleration, but until then it's still shit.

    I use windows with cygwin. Best solution

  5. I think that usability wise it was one of the better ones, it just suffered so much from its core problems and its inability to run right for really any programs of value that all of the progress made in terms of user function were overlooked. That's what made Windows 7 so much better was that it really made the interface much more like Vista but that it actually worked 90% of the time

  6. thanks a lot … I like to have my Start button back. But it doesn't look like yours (with the green/Window 8 theme) after click on the button. Can you tell me why?

  7. one step ahead of you bro, I've been a diehard loyal Windows users all my life but I recently dabbled into Linux Mint 13 the long-term support version and customized it to look as similar to Windows as possible and I use both of them with dual-boot

  8. The problem with Windows 8 is that they developed a tabletfriendly OS, that's great. But do not force it on laptop users. There are WAY more laptop and desktop users than there are tablet users out there yet with everything you buy you're forced with Windows 8. And unless you have a touch screen I don't really see the point.

    Stop forcing this irrelevant OS on laptop/desktop-users.

  9. No dude. The thing about Vista at the time was that you would need a top notch rig to run that. At the time it was launched, most of the people had a 1GB ram pc and a 128M graphic card. Those were lower than the minimum requirements for Vista. Now, if you run Vista, it runs as smooth as Seven, because current PC's can handle it. Windows only bite more than they could chew at the time, don't even compare Vista with Windows ME. Now THAT is pure OS garbage.

  10. yes you can! but, when i tested it the metro screen flashes up for 1 second then boots straight to the desktop. you can also customize the start button image in full options…so you don't have to stare at that shell logo!! 😀

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