Windows 8 Consumer Preview – Quick Look & Hands On – Tabletified Windows 7

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  1. Windows 8 is a Big step forward for Microsoft , lets just say , it defo wont be as bad as Vista , ive used all Windows 8 Preview Versions and had no problems , so who knows , Windows 8 could be a Winner , thumbs up if anyone agrees with me

  2. I don't like the new interface ,it's not for developers , not for gaming , not easy to use ,. I don't want tablet on my pc …Microsoft please come up with a better design ..see you in windows 9

  3. im going to get this and try it fro about a month and see how i like it. I know it looks like crap but I think i'll give Steve the benefit of doubt… Mostly because i'm bored though

  4. @TheHPMan88 there are a lot of windows notebook tablets floating around ever since windows xp, lots of UMPCs as well (all shapes and sizes) – though they didn't sell quite as expected. the big problem was they needed x86 processors to run windows. VIA used to have some nice pico pc boards with tiny x86 processors from 600 to 1.4 ghz. i just wish they'd brought more implementations to market. windows 8 needs to be ported to ARM processors to have a solid chance at the tablet market

  5. it looks nice to me but for the not so advanced users it might be to complicated compared to XP, Vista and Seven. I doubt it if it will be a success, we will see. Thanks for posting by the way and providing the link of the ISO.

  6. the metro interface is not at all designed for laptops/desktops. it is more focused for tablets witch is why i dont find it so interesting.i am a PC guy but since at the time i don't own a tablet,windows 8 is useless to me.but i am looking forward to use the final version on a tablet.obviously pc users will not like it but Microsoft is aiming for the future and unfortunately tablets are the future so us pc users should start getting used to the idea.cmon its there first tablet OS.letthemgrow

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