Windows 8 Consumer Preview tips, tricks and quick guide

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  1. Widows 8 is a god damn joke, Microsoft Created it because sales of win7 have slowed and they needed a new Cash Cow,
    And they'll keep releasing junk OS's like this if you dumbasses keep buying them!!!, LONG LIVE WINDOW 7

  2. Im getting a new laptop with windows 8 next week and im really kinda mad about it. I had a laptop with windows 7 and the laptop completley crashed. Geek squad couldnt even fix it. So i have to get a new one and it only comes with windows 8 and no way am i spending another 100 or so dollars for window 7. This video did make windows 8 seem a little bit easier to use… But ill probably get used to it eventually

  3. Fuck Windows 8. It can't do what I want or need. I can't write programs efficiently with it, can't customize it to preform penetration/auditing testing, it's annoying to use; and on top of it, it looks stupid. Also, yes I do have a smartphone, it's OS is Ubuntu.

  4. It's like they take a year off to experiment, just to see what they can get away with.

    Also Ubuntu Linux recently got Steam support thanks to Valve's reaction to Windows 8. Team Fortress 2.
    User friendliness for Ubuntu Linux has come a long way. So much driver support, you might be able to connect via wi-fi during installation to download updates. (Tp-link adapters?)

    It's like running Mac without the price tag. (both Unix based)

  5. Windows 8 really isn't that bad, it's basically windows 7 with goofy crap on top but runs a bit quicker on alot of stuff and you can still customize it enough to get rid of metro and things you don't like and get start menu back (can even get cooler start menu's than what win7 came with). Just takes some tweaking.

  6. That's what I call "Micro$oft Prototype OSes". Going back to '95…'95 was unstable at launch. '98 was a great improvement. Ignoring the abortion that is Windows 2000 (that short-lived OS between '98 and ME that no one remembers), ME was unstable and had really bad compatibility issues. The next year, XP…likely the most stable M$ OS to date. Given, SP1 and SP2 did wonders to make it better, it launched very well. Vista….same story as ME. Win7, stable + compatibility mode.

  7. im running win8 using touchnavigation laptop and wow! this is how windows should have been all along. I do agree using mouse or trackpad exclusively on windows 8 can be seen as step back to most users for obvious reasons. Windows8 is designed primarily as touch navigation. Personally i cant see myself using mouse or trackpad on touch win8 device. Using Touch navigation is faster/fluid experience most of all enjoyable "minority report" like ExP
    Don't be another bandwagon win8bashing moron.

  8. all of you that are saying Win8 sucks are fkin retarded..plain and simple…if you had half a brain you would figure out that it is extremely easy to configure win8 to function just about exactly the same as win7..including restoring your precious start button…quit bitching…learn to embrace change..and stfu

  9. In some ways, tablets will make the descktop machine obsolete. However, this will require clever docking hardware and won't be running Win-8. Many folks are already using tablets with Android on them. For some folks, it is all they need and thus the bottom of the market is moving to Android. Super computers and servers and an increasing number of desktops are running Linux. MS is in really big trouble. Win-8 is making it worse.

  10. This reminds me of the same crap some a friend of mine said recently, Tablets will make desktop computers obsolete!, yea right!! Windows 8 sales as of this date,2/ 2/2013 are horrible, I'm not talkin computers that come with windows 8, Microsoft always buys off the computer companies to carry their latest product. I'm talkin individuals, No Win 7 Owners buying this crap, and Microsoft knows it. these guys to me are the worst kind of computer people, The GEE WIZ its new type!! you can shove 8!

  11. W8 makes things so hard to get to and do basic stuff, making a 2-5 step process into a 5-10 step one. I would delete all the tiles they give you (about 80% of them), make them as small as possible to take up as little room as possible, move them to the sides of the screen, to prevent clicking on them accidentally and making space in the middle of the screen. Oh wait, I already get that with my current Windows

  12. Funny how even microcrop says, look you can download install the start button.
    You cant even install this withought a MS account, they will hound you till it crashes.
    What a piece of crap Ill stick to 7 or Linux.

  13. @lbtuxzp Yeah bro this website is just giving out 100% free Pink Apple iPads for today only. But you do have to be from the U.S though but it is all real, I claimed mine a few minutes ago. Better hurry up!

  14. What should have been done is an option to switch between Metro UI and old style windows start menu.. Start menu is vital when it comes to productivity.. In no way can MS justify the removal of start menu to replace it with s shitload of stuff that makes no sense on a desktop. The new UI is perfect for a touch screen interface . so there should have been an option to switch the UI…..

  15. couldn't agree more! all i have seen is a lot of complaining from people who cant be bothered to learn how to use the new OS and trust me once you do you'll soon realize that its much quicker and easier to use and 7 and just as stable 🙂

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