Windows 8 – Delete Cookies and Browser history ie 10 metro

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Tutorial on deleting broser history and cookies in Internet Explorer 10 Metro


  1. How do you view the history when you have that exact browser open? There is no history tab just the favorites tab with the star down at the bottom I can't find it anywhere :/

  2. thanks for uploading!!!   my computer is acting up and I only got it two weeks ago!!  I do go to loads of sites looking for stuff to talk about in my show though.  So thanks again!!!  will try it now. 

  3. I have Windows 8 but I'm not sure what version of Internet Explorer I have (it's the default). If I'm online and bring up the Settings menu, there are no Internet options. I've tried to delete my browsing history via Settings, but it doesn't work. Everything is still in the address bar. What should I do?

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