Windows 8 Fast Boot Comparison, ASRock Wins!!!

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ASRock Cleon will introduce you the comparison of Win8 boot time between 3 mobo makers, ASRock, ASUS and GIGABYTE.
The winner is ASRock Z77 Extreme4!
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  1. i wanna asking something, i'm using asrock h110m-hdv. when i'm using fast booting from bios, my monitor doesn't work, do u have any solution with my problem? i'm using vga card zotac gtx 1060 amp 3gb

  2. Until last week i was a fan of Asrock until my 4 years motherboard just died completly (H77PRO4/MVP) .I dont see stability ,durability on your motherboards !!I haved a no name motherboard with an AMD processor and worked 9 years on gaming ,movie ,everything . Sorry Asrock i'm tottaly disapointed ,will try something else ,like MSI ,Gigabyte !!!!

  3. Hello, I'm here in the future, in 2017, and I need help, please. When the "ultra fast boot" function is activated, the system is not loaded, the computer starts on the UEFI screen and does not load Windows. Despite being in the future my motherboard is still AsRock z77 Extreme 4 and with Windows 10.
    CORE i7 3770k 3.5 Ghz
    GTX 1070 Zotac AMP! 8Gb
    AsRock z77 Extreme 4
    KINGSTON HyperX Blu 16Gb 1600 Mhz
    SSD RAID-0: 2x KINGSTON HyperX 3K 240Gb
    Seagate 2Tb Barracuda
    EVGA 750W SuperNOVA G2 Gold
    NZXT Kraken X40

  4. I realize this is an old video, but was this a Cold boot or a wake from sleep boot? Since the power button turns it on from both states and even with a Samsung 840 Pro the Windows loading screen still pops up for a second or two with the spinning dots before loading in. Debating on an MSI or ASRock atm and even though boot times are not the end-all-be-all of concerns it's still an appreciable feature.

  5. アナログの起動時の雑音を消してくれよ アース不完全なのか?8シリーズ9シリーズは完全にだめ! 100シリーズもおなじなのか?

  6. dont get fooled by this guy… Asrock wasnt booting.. it was just waking up from sleep. if you shut down the computer, it reboots then turns to sleep which also requires constant power source to keep this feature working. I owned both Asrock and Asus. And the only way to "boot" fast is by using an SSD as your booting drive. its just a gimmick!

  7. when i set it on ultra fast my pc do boot (i dont knof if its really boot up but i hear its running ) but i get a black screen. can annyone help me pleas ?

  8. QUESTION: I own a 17" screen LG display, does it matter the time it takes to boot? as in the difference if i get a 23" samsung? WHY? please explain so i learn 🙂
    windows 8.1 pro
    asrock 970 extreme 3 r2.0
    amd vishera 8350 (8core)
    kingston hyperX 4gb RAM
    and have a power supply 550W SENTEY


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