Windows 8 Guide: How to Pin Things/Icons to task bar in Windows 8 [Ep.2]

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In this guide I will be showing you how to pin things to your task bar on your new Windows 8 PC. I know it’s simple but it is a small change from the lastest operating system.

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  1. your 'how to pin things' was super helpful – thanks! i have two questions please:
    1. why cant i pin google chrome to my task bar
    2. why does it say unspecified error when i click on google chrome icon

  2. Go to start. then search for minecraft. right click it then it should say on the bottom "open file location". Click on it and you'll find minecraft in it. drag it onto the desktop and right click the copy on the desktop. it should say pin to taskbar. Hope this helped!

  3. Great Video, I just have a problem: I have a number of Steam games that I want to pin to my task bar, but I can't get them to show up in my Windows 8 menu as an app tile or whatever. So I'm stuck still not being able to pin them. (I have the windows 7 start menu by the way if that helps any) Thanks!

  4. I highly agree. I'm going to make a video on the things I would change soon, It looks like they just were focusing on tablet users THEN ported it to PC.

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