Windows 8 – How to Change the Computer Name

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How to change the computer name as seen on the network in Windows 8.


  1. Your steps worked (with one small caveat) but you need to speak up! I turned the volume controls on both YouTube and on my PC all the way up and could barely hear you. "Mumbling" is not a good thing when creating a "how to" video.

    Oh… and that small caveat… After opening the "Control Panel", "System and Security", then finally "System", you say to click on "Change Settings"… I was a little confused when getting that far but not seeing the "Change Settings" button…

    The problem was that the active window was not large enough. The "Change Settings" button is hidden until the "System" window is dragged a little wider. That might be a bit of good information to add to the video as well.

    Other than that, the video was great and gave the information needed.

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