Windows 8: How to download Windows 8 [32/64bit] for FREE [Tutorial] No viruses|| Legit links

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Link to DOwnload Windows 8 [Developers]

if you ever want to remove windows 8 and revert back to your OLD OS link is here:

Link to Power ISO [Program used to read the download]

My main youtube account :


1. Download Power ISO
2. Download Windows 8 [any version you…


  1. Will this allow me to clear my hard drive and start over like factory. Also will it give me a product key. I have Windows 8 I just want to reformat and reinstall the operating system.

  2. Around the beginning of the video, we didn't ask for the views and crap on Youtube and the followers on Tweeter. We simply came to this video for a reason. A reason to get a newer update on our systems.

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