Windows 8: How to Install a Network Printer

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Windows 8 is new and there’s a lot of questions that need to be answered. Here’s a video to answer one of the most popular questions.

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  1. Hi,

    I have an older HP B109 printer in mint condition used on a Vista Acer laptop. I want to move this printer to an Acer Viper 3 Windows 8.1. I don't find the driver and software CD-ROM anymore and was looking for these on the Net at HP. In the meantime, the B109 is replaced by the B109N-z and I was advised to try it out. I downloaded and started to install. Unpacks fine but when installing starts, a window asked me to agree and click several procedure requests after reading these . I did, and install continued for a few seconds and then the install procedure stoped and seems to kick out the program. I tried several times but nothing helps.

    Can you advise what to do and do you know if the B109N-z soft/driver will work on this older B109 printer? I have checked on the HP consumer forum to find solutions but so far nothing and the older driver/soft of the B109 seems not available anymore (link not working…typical…).
    This printer is +-7 years old (I know a Dinosaurus in technology terms… :-)) but still working perfectly well.

    I appreciate your answer.


  2. My neighbor has an HP all in one printer attached via USB to a networked RAID device. It used to work then we had a power outage and it quit working and showing up on the network. Windows 8 won't let me add the printer the way I have been able to in previous versions of windows. It does too much for us, not allowing us to add the printer via the \serverdevice input as in previous versions of windows. I'm stymied…

  3. I have a challenge for you. I just purchased a refurbished HP laptop with Windows 8. I went to FedEx Office (formerly Kinko's) to use their printers (through my laptop). You must connect to their internal network called LapNet(tm) to have your laptop print on their printers. When connecting the two cables (USB and network), LapNet (software) will install on my laptop. It installed successfully. However, when it came to installing the "printer drivers", I got an error message indicating my laptop "user rights" prohibit me from installing printer drivers. I tried everything I could think of to lift this restriction (e.g., firewall enabling, etc.). I even went to the Policies tab (on my laptop) figuring I could make changes there, but the tab is empty. Your thoughts.

  4. hi. i have a hp 5000ps plotter. how can i set it to print from my ethernet port? it has a port that mark 0/100 which i understand is a cat5 cable port. i tried downloading the driver from hp and its very confusing to run and setup. please help.

  5. Can you help please I can see the printer as a networked device. (LAN) installing the printer using the windows 8.1 drivers loads the printer. but when i try to print a test page it just remains in the queue. In the printer settings it says its offline and thats the message i get back after several minutes of win 8.1 trying to connect. The laptop is running win 8.1 it has wireless connection to a netgear 6200… Windows 7 can print to it but not… win 8.1 each time i reboot the listed devices in control panel de-selects the router/modem and says no connection but i have internet ability and can see the win 7 computers but not the win 8.1 laptops using wireless

  6. Hello I am trying to setup a HP Laserjet 4350dtn printer to a 8.1 os. I have connected a ethernet cable from the printer to the cpu. This is a used printer from the ABQ police dept with it's printer info setup for their system.I can't figure out how to get it working.Jetdirect config ect. Help?

  7. I had a problem finding the printer.
    The problem was that my other computer only enabled me to connect with a password, so i canceled it in advanced network and sharing in the network and sharing center.
    After that, my computer was able to find the printer with no problem.
    Hope I helped, I am sorry if there were any mistakes with my English.

  8. You may want to know this: Whoever just upgraded to Windows 8.1 pay attention here. The update disabled the printer spooler so you need to enable it before add a printer. The following are the instructions: go to computer management, services and applications , click on services, scrool down to print spooler and right click and start. After waiting a few seconds, it will start and you can now add printer. 8.1 bug somehow print services stops and doesn't want to start automatically. By the way, I HATE WINDOWS 8.X.

  9. Hi, I have a desktop computer running Vista 64 and the HP Photosmart C5280 printer is attached via a usb cable. I have a laptop that was running Windows 7 and I just upgraded it to Windows 8 and I would like to be able to network the printer so I can print from my laptop. Before I upgraded to Windows 8 I was able to print on my laptop, but it won't now.

  10. why did they have to mess with something that works. windows 8 is terrible for business. I have spent days trying to connect to a Toshiba mfp. my windows 7 pc's connected on the first try? who was the jackass that thought taking away the start button was good idea.

  11. I''m trying to install a network printer, an HP Color Laserjet CP1215, The problem is that the windows 8 driver hasn't been written yet. A work around has been offered of using the windows 7 driver until the windows 8 one is available. However, when I try to install, the printer is not discovered. I've tried to browse for it, without any luck. What next. The printer is installed on a Windows Vista System in my home network.

  12. I don't see the big deal of Windows 8… Installed quicktime and itunes… well attempted to.. and they both said failed even though everything worked just fine. I will sick to my mac and leave my two pcs with Windows 7 hell… I may even downgrade them both to XP and make them media computers.. What A Great Idea LOL

  13. Hey Ryan! I was dual booting Ubuntu 12.10 and Windows 7, then i upgraded to windows 8. Now when I start my PC it boots straight into windows. There is no option to choose which OS. How can I fix it so I can choose which OS I want to boot to. Thanks :D.

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