Windows 8 – How to update drivers

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A few ways to update drivers in Windows 8


  1. in your start menu internet section, how did you get medium and wide tiles in the same column. When i try to put 2 medium tiles and then try to put a wide tile next to it it creates a space and a new section.

  2. Thank you soo much! I needed to update it for this new game I got (Overwatch) and the game was awful and laggy! Hopefully this will fix it!! BTW he starts explaining how to do it at 4:30

  3. Question: Recently I've had a lot of Kernel data and stack errors as well as memory management errors that result in automatic reboot to protect the system.  Recently I refreshed the whole thing, got rid of some stuff and today I noticed my disk usage at 99% and my System at over 40mb/s in my task manager while it compiled updates (I assume that's what it was doing).  Often a hear that the first thing I should do is update my drivers, BUT, I'm not sure which ones to update.

  4. Wow! Those web pages loaded very quickly!  Is that because of the computer you have or your Internet provider?  Also. did you experience  ( ( ( S L O W ) ) ) download times using Windows 8.1? I just received my Dell XPS 8700 and downloading on here is so slow. I'm trying to find out how to fix this.

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