Windows 8 – How to use USB drive

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How to use usb thumbdrives , add files and folders


  1. I have Dell inspirion windows 10. Just recently I used a flash drive earlier to save work from pc computer in school library.
    I inserted flash drive into my Dell laptop inspirion it opens file but it's all black
    I inserted back into pc computer and the saved items is on it open . why is it showing black empty screen on my laptop?

  2. Not good. The safe way is to COPY your pics from your USB drive and paste them into your picture-folder. Then confirm that the pics really are in the new folder before you delete them from the USB

  3. In order to transfer from my USB to my computer, I usually left click to highlight and then right click and click on "Send To" and find documents. However, this stopped working on one of my laptops, weird. But, the highlight and drag that you show does work. Thanks. When I click "Sent To" with a new document, the new document does not show in my documents on my computer. However, if I do it again, I will be prompted "Do you want to replace this file?" So, obviously, it is there somewhere but it doesn't show in my documents. Only highlight and drag works. If I am updated a document in my "good" computer, then try to transfer to my "bad" computer, the bad computer will once again ask me "Do you want to replace this file" When I click yes, I will see the bar do the transfer and see the light on my USB blink, but then when I go to this file, it is not updated, weird. But, like I said, the highlight and drag do work, just not the right click and "Send To." Any suggestions on how to solve.

  4. thank you very much for your instructions to copy photos from the USB drive to the computer. 
    Will you please let me know how to create a new folder when I transfer the photos? 
    I really appreciate your help..
    S. Packiaraj

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