Windows 8 Image Creation, Capture & Deployment MDT 2013

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This tutorial explains how to capture an image from a reference PC and upload it to an MDT server, then create a task sequence and re-deploy it to more than one PC in your organisation. An example of this would be a new suite of computers requiring one master image – MDT can be used for this.

The video shows my method for create, capture and deployment for any image in our organisation, please understand the hidden humour! There are not all of the applications in this image, we use around…


  1. Jake i need your help when i try to capture my golden Windows 7 image it gets to a part where it syspreps it and then it errors with multiple errors and warnings.  Could you please help me?  I am running MDT 2013 U1.

  2. Hi Jake – I have done all of this, and captured the images to the Deployment Toolkit successfully.

    Under Windows Deployment, what should I select for the Install Image or Boot Image? At present as there is nothing in either of there then a PXE boot shows an error that no image is available.

    So close!!

    Thanks, Richard

  3. Hi Jake – Video is great and been subscribed for months. I have tried this, but fallen short on the same issue as another user here. I have a 2008 R2 Standard Server, running WDS and recently installed the W8.1 ADK and MDT 2014 x64 Edition. When running the litetouch.vbscript from the DemploymentShare on the source system I am having the same problem as Isaac Jones – It asks for a Task Sequence. Looking at Deployment Workbench there is no task sequence setup. I can add one, named "Capture", and selecting the task as Sysprep/Captre but it then asks for an Operating System. I was hoping the idea would be that it uses the source system operating system? PXE boot is working on the target system, just so you know, but as no images are captured yet there is nothing to actually test the install with.  Any ideas please?

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