Windows 8: It’s Almost Not Terrible

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Before you get too far into this… Let’s correct our error. During the search rant (around 4:00), we missed the other options below our search bar. We were doing it live like O’Reily and totally missed the “extra options” below search. However, the point still stands…


  1. When they tried to get to reboot, you don't need to go to the start menu you just shove your move in the side of the screen then power then reboot. It's not that tiring pressing 2 times…

  2. im a mcse + s + i and i cant stand this product to the point where i no longer use microsoft except for work. i got a laptop with it on it and to say i hate it is a gross understatement. who dreamed this rubbish up its totally crap.
    how the feck are you supposed to work on this rubbish?
    ive moved to ubuntu, i will be changing my qualifications and getting away from micro$oft asap i will NEVER return after this crap.

    anywonder microsoft is going diwn the drain….

  3. Metro does not feel like a seperate operating system, unless you haven't bothered to use it for long. It's one extra screen with a change of colour that allows you to launch apps or programs. Nothing more, nothing less. You don't like apps? Don't use them. It's an extra feature, not a necessity.

    There are so many sheep in here. 8.1 is practically identical to 7 and is easy to use after a couple of days for beginners, but for those that struggle or moan, no system with changes will not require you to LEARN. That seems to be the biggest problem. Consider those pc users that had to jump from the DOS command interface to Windows.
    They wouldn't have even known how to copy and paste text from a folder until someone told them they needed to double click slowly on it, if not highlighted then hold left mouse button over all the text, right click and select copy, then right click again and select paste to required destination. You all have it easy. Users of operating systems once read a manual. The cellphone generation wants it all handed out to them easy without any required thinking.

    Windows 10 is pretty much the same except that now it has a retro start menu and the 'awful apps' can now take a place on your desktop AND start menu. If anyone still thinks 8 is awful and is considering to migrate to Ubuntu.. LOL. Good luck with that. That DOS-esque command terminal and Linux manual awaits.

  4. The metro tile stuff is basically like Google+'s Youtube integration. They forced you to go through some unnecessary hoops to do what was usually 1 or 2 clicks away. They tried making it easier for mobile users but it ultimately failed and didn't end up benefiting anyone.

    Windows 10 seems to have fixed most of the issues and I really hope Youtube/Google will realize that trying to appease the minority and just forcing everyone else to just deal with it is a bad idea.

  5. I just bought  new desktop with windows 8 on and after what I have read I am really scared…

    Question, Can't you get rid of the Metro interface?
    And Metro interface works constantly as a separate interface?
    Is there really no choice to shut the damned thing?
    I really don't need 2-3 different interfaces running at the same time and I have no use for all this crap info from all the mobile style apps.

  6. I dislike Windows 8. The main reason is that it is hard to control with, difficult to navigate your preferred programs etc. I made a huge mistake in installing Windows 8. I have been studying how to code for at least a year, and I got to say, its a nightmare. I like the fact that Windows 8 is a huge improvement in terms of performance. It is great and all, but I cant just leave Windows 7 because of that. Windows 7 is a great operating system and I will be using it till Microsoft produces a better OS, such as the upcoming Windows 10 that I will be looking forward to. There is this emotion of hatred that I cant stop wondering about from the Metro U.I of Windows 8. I hate it so much, that I cringe even while I take a shower. It is a disappointment for me as a PC user. I guess, it would be great if it were on a tablet. And of course, I would not be installing a 3rd party program to make the start menu look like if it were from Windows 7. I prefer a solid original and legit start menu made from the creators its self (Microsoft). Not some monkey company sniffing around peoples wallets. This is my judgment, I don't want to expect any sort of vulgar or coarse comment that will be directed at me for disliking the Windows 8 operating system. Stick to Windows 7 if you already have it installed, you wont think twice about upgrading to this blunder.

  7. In a technical aspect, Windows 8 far greater than 7 or Vista, you should do a benchmark test. My Acer Aspire running 8 turns on and off within seconds, while my windows 7 desktop PC takes at least a minute to get to the login.

  8. Who are the Idiots in Microsoft that have the Bright Idea of turning the PC's and Laptops into TABLETS. Microsoft not everybody like the Tablets, some people like their PC's and TABLETS to be just that, Some people even like to listen to AM Radio. Stop the Technoloy Tirany.

  9. This is peoples problem. They don't learn how to use the OS before they review it. They just trash talk it. Want to know how to close the app? You simply hover the mouse over it while on any other screen, right click, press close. SUPER simple yet you guys complained about it. It's much faster than windows 7, less bugs and crashes, smoother UI, and overall better in every way as far as an actual OS goes. You may not like the UI, but the OS in general is better.

  10. All i see for windows 8 when i search it is how much people hate it…. it's really not that bat once you get used to it. Also there are many keyboard short cuts that make it easier to navigate, all in all it's better that windows 7 considering its basically the same, but with the start menu, also the store is how you get apps and stuff. so yeah.

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