Windows 8 Maps App – How to use it

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Click here for upgrade pricing from Windows XP or 7 to Windows 8. So what do you think of the Windows 8 Maps App?


  1. Not a bad app, loads quickly for me. However, my location is wrong. No street view, directions are ok, but no estimated travel time that I could find. Ok for a quick reference, but Google has this beat for now.

  2. Actually, this maps app is not so much a work in progress as you think. Microsoft now uses Nokia's mapping technology just like they do on their windows phones. I don't now if you know this but Nokia owns Navteq. A firm that has been making maps for over 20 years. So I would say it's pretty on par with google maps. (some parts maybe even better, others worse… every mapping system has it's advantages over the other….)

  3. Just recently read that Microsoft aerial maps are better than Google. Guess I would use it if there is alsointernational support, Street name search and options for pinning plus and using it for navigation.

  4. Won't be any more useful to me than google maps.. since I don't plan to buy a win8 tablet or phone to use on the go, so knowing the current trafic congestion is pretty much useless for me on a desktop… Though there's a lot of things about Win8 that's useless for me on a desktop.. but let's not go there.

  5. Seems sluggish? What resolution were you running this? Because I see letterbox on the side.
    I personally never used Microsoft's maps, but upon checking on Bing, It's pretty decent. I just hope It works well like Google's Maps especially since I use It a lot on my iPhone (still on iOS 5.1.1) when I'm on the go.

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