Windows 8: Multitasking

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International Social Video: Like playing Piano and Ping Pong, Windows 8 lets you work and play at the same time. See more at


  1. This has nothing to do with an operating system or a computer! Proof that microsoft are idiots that have run out of ideas. give us something worth buying, maybe ppl will stop pirating and cracking windows. windows xp can task more applications with less resources than windows 8. So if you guys are so intelligent, post an intelligent comment. the world is watching.

  2. Another FAIL for Microsoft marketing department….its like they are trying to suck!!!
    Lets shove a ping pong paddle into an asian guys behind while he plays the piano….REALLY MICROSOFT???? WOW

  3. My friend (he's an iPad user); What is that? And who is that guy and why is he watching them?
    Me (Surface Pro user); Two guys playing piano and ping pong at same time, on one screen, they are Windows 8 tablets. This guy is iPad, and he can do one thing on one screen, so he's just watching them.

  4. И чё? в чём прикол рекламы? как будто в ХР и Вин-7 не было многозадачности…?
    Вин-8 только своим убогим интерфейсом выделяется, ну и на несколько процентов работает быстрее чем 7, да и то – это в большей степени от железа зависит.

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