Windows 8 on Athlon XP 2800+ & 1GB RAM computer

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Since April 2014 this machine is no longer in my possesion. It currently belongs to my youngest cousin.

A video of Windows 8 Consumer Preview (build 8250) x86 running on this old thing.
* ASRock K7S8X R3.0
* AMD Athlon XP 2800+ (Barton) 2.09 GHz
* 1GB RAM DDR PC2100
* ATI Radeon 9600 Pro w/128MB video memory
* 120GB WD Caviar HDD

Windows didn’t have bundled driver for this graphics card, so I had to install Vista driver manually. Metro/Modern UI apps weren’t working, most likely due…


  1. I'm here because i'm looking how to run win8 or even win10 on this Athlon XP 2800+
    At least, 2D video on this Athlon XP 2800+ in 45% faster in Win7 than in WinXP. Therefore, there is a reason to move even on such old CPU to new system.

    Do somebody know how to install and run Win10, if not than win8 on this old CPU?


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  3. From 2005 to 2008 I had an ATI X600 Pro (Pixel Sharer 2, so technically capable of WDDM 1.0) and an Intel Dual Core 2.6 GHZ D820.

    If I still had the PC configuration now, I would be extremely curious to know to it would run W8.1 today, because it certainly could, with Vista legacy drivers.

  4. mostly any computer with either amd or ati or something above the resolution or same is gonna work on windows 8 it has to be 1333×768 tats the one tat tells you can run windows 8

  5. yah but thats a virtual machine?

    Is this a real physical machine?

    I tried to install windows 7 X86 on my XP Athlon 2800+ but it doesnt work it crashes in the installation

  6. This is a reason why metro apps doesn´t work:

    "Old CPU's without SSE2 instructions (Athlon XP, Pentium III) will run Windows 8 but won't run Metro apps as Net 4.5 libraries have this requirement and now are part of the os and used for running some metro Apps. Only IE10 Metro works because is probably made in C++ native."

  7. Could have been worse. The sad thing is, this runs better than an old workstation rig i have with a P4 and 1gb of RAM with XP. How exactly, I have no clue. But, still. Its really quite amusing how Microsoft wont let you install it, and the only things that have issues are the Metro apps. Not like anybody will be using them anyway.

  8. How did you install Windows 8 on an Athlon XP processor? To install W8 you must have the pae, nx and sse2 extensions and Athlon XP has got only pae. Did you install W8 on an other computer and plugged the hard drive to this computer?

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