Windows 8 or (8.1) Tricks and Tips – 1 – Disable Google Chrome Metro Mode and Get Back Normal Mode

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In this video Rasim shows us how to disable Google Chrome Metro Mode and how to return it to normal mode.

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  1. there's a easier way fucker your way is harder so when your on the google chrome windows 8 mode and stuck on it go and press the customize and control google chrome on the right upper corner and press relaunch google chrome on the desktop and wall ahh!! it is back to normal mode your welcome 😉😃😝😤😜

  2. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! You made the video short and easy to understand. It's the only thing I have found that is not confusing or doesn't make me do a million different steps. Technology is not my forte and you just made my life so much easier!

  3. Thank you SO much! I hate that stupid app! That is a great tip that makes absolutely no sense but works perfectly and takes 10 seconds to perform! I wonder why technology companies so frequently come up with "improvements" that are super irritating and intrusive on a user's experience, or try to second-guess what you're wanting to do etc.?

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