Windows 8 Preview 2012 Tricks & Tutorial

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Here’s an easy beginners tutorial on Windows 8 Preview 2012 March. Learn some easy how-to’s and some tricks and tips too. In this tutorial you will see how to move around in Windows 8 and see how to adjust and change Windows 8 PC settings and more. This Windows 8 review is a guide that takes you through this new operating system OS step by step. Also see some Windows 8 how to use examples and demonstrations.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Setup will check to see…


  1. i download minecraft 1.5.3 in windows3 this ACER and its cool herobrine is not removed and i found notch house and he gived me some 64 64 64 64 diamonds 😀 that was cool and i found herobrine in game mode0 and i teleport in to a the end in game mode0

  2. "I've been Torn down too many times, & I've lost my laptop b4 twice,,, And I'll prolly lose this song right freaking here… but I'd like to get this stuck up in your ear, singing Yea!' = YOUTUBE- Joey Andrews – MONEY X-! I was right, it happened again 🙁

  3. I lost all my music! & im new2 windows 8, Imagine losing all your music, i'm a musician or was, my hobby making music, eventually posting videos, my bro said my hard drive is shot 🙁 I lost all my old songs! & all I have is what songs I saved 2 youtube or FB> My song( Money X) on my channel I sing of this, talking of matter/ "I've been torn down 2 many times, I've lost my laptop b4 twice, & i'll prolly lose this song right freakin here, but i'd like 2 get this stuck up in your ear. Singing yea"

  4. Man my dell's hard drive crashed on me, or sumthing along the lines. My bro informed me like a week ago that the problem I had with my computer was not sumthing a simple back up after taking the time to Create a restore point when I first got my old laptop. I sooo miss the heck outa my windows 7,ne old windows version. I got new computer last night a few hrs b4 3rd shift, and I was in bad mood all night, missn ol version, Y did they have 2 switch things on me. It worked just fine b4 y change it?

  5. A lot of folks who have the money are going with Apple, Folks without money are switching to Linux if they don't already own a Windows version. For what most people need to do, a light weight Linux distro running on oldish hardware is just fine. If you pick one that was specifically written for ease of use, the learning curve from XP to Linux is under an hour.

  6. am so thankful that best buy took back my windows 8 new computer, tried for awhile just to get my gmail back and with that BING search engine, no luck, all apps were from private sites that I am cautious with, got my windows7 working so well I hope it lasts, just not sure what windows 8 does better, was expecting improvements not confusion

  7. Thanks – I bought a new laptop without knowing what I was doing with W's 8, but I thought ok, I taught myself Windows when that first came out so I can get to grips with this. You have made things a lot clearer. Thank you.

  8. The music is somewhere on the hopeless mess that is the hard drive. Go through the steps of doing the download again and look at everything that is in every dialog box. It is likely it told you where it was putting it.

    I'd start by looking for users->yourname->downloads or something like that.

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