Windows 8 Quick Tip 02: Disable That Annoying Track Pad App Switching Gesture

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***UPDATE*** This video was shot on a Windows 8 PC, and the settings have changed for Windows 8.1. Settings — Change PC Settings — PC and Devices — Corners & Edges

I really like Windows 8, but I HATE the stupid track pad gesture which automatically throws you into another app whenever you slide your finger in from the left hand side edge. My buddy Jeb hates it too, and asked me how to solve it. Thankfully it only takes one quick trip to your settings to get rid of, so let’s turn that…


  1. first of all i want to say thanks to Juan. Secondly, i want people of the Microsoft read this " window 8 is the worse window ever for general user, not everyone is tech savvy, it new window keep making user headache like this your company head the end of the tunnel"

  2. hello, i have a tablet pc windows 8.1 and i want to remove the charm bar from touch screen edge swipe gesture.. I already do almost everything on youtube tutorial but it keeps appearing when i slide my tab from right to left.. I need ur help, how to remove this??


  3. can you help me… im using a windows 8.1. before whenever i pointed my mouse on the upper screen it changed to hand icon as gesture in closing an app but now small bar appears with a name of the app and a close button on the right side of it. its annoying for me, i want the old hand icon.. help please

  4. what about that fucking 'switching between applications fuckshit sign that comes on either side of the screen??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????///

  5. 1.Do you think I can like not being able to discover where anything I have installed has been placed by Windows 8? 2. Do you think I can like not being able to stop arbitrary jumping around from webpage to webpage by Windows 8? 3. Do you think I can like not being able to prevent arbitrary hypertexting by Windows 8 so that as I write what I have previously written is erased? 4, Do you think I can like hardly being able to touch the touchpad or absoluting not being able to rest my hand on the computer before it rushes off in the direction of Windows 8 choice not mine? 5. Do you think I can like having to alter the keyboard Windows 8 has decided I should use back to the one on my computer every single time I start my computer? 6, Do you think I can like not being able to write what I want to write because Windows 8 has decided to write something different? 7. Do you think I can like not being able to prevent constant zooming in and zooming out that I have not but Windows 8 has decided upon? 9. Do you think I can like seeing text roll from side to side and up and down the page because Windows 8 seems to enjoy it? 10. Do you think I can like not being able to find the cursor where I put it because Windows 8 prefers to have it somewhere else? In a word do you think I can like being driven to the end of my tether by all this because I am a technical dummy and Windows 8 is to say the least not particularly friendly to this user? When I install something I expect to either be asked where I want to find it or at the very least to be informed where it is going to be put. What has Windows 8 done with the I in the IT of Information Technology? Why did it take over 2 days to stumble across where Windows 8 had decided to hide it from me. First searching unsuccessfully for one and a quarter hours. Then contacting HP Support who gave up after half an hour. Then having giving up ever being able to use the computer to take any other photos than of myself swearing over it I did not have to even want to take them they were given me whenever Windows 8 thought it would be fun I searched through file after file to unearth some of the other things Windows 8 had decided to appropriate and keep as hidden treasure what did I a day or two afterwards stumble across if not the Lifecam I had previously owned. After the shock had subsided I snatched it out of Windows 8's clench and put it where I knew I would be able to find it. Do you think it unjust of me if I felt just a teeny weeny bit of antagonism towards Windows 8? I do not ask to be able to discover all the wonderful improvements Windows 8 probably has to offer technical geniuses but just to be able to use it despite my only having been able to use computers with the previous computer systems since 2000? I would very much prefer to say that although Windows 8 is above my level of intelligence it is not as bad as I first thought and to be able to help fellow dummies and friends to feel the same way than to hate Windows 8. Perhaps someone can tell me how to achieve that state of mind.

  6. It's not a windows 8 thing, it's actually something called synaptics that the manufacturer puts in to the computers. To disable the switch between apps using the track pad all you have to do is hit ctrl alt delete then find synaptics and hit end task

  7. Please if you help me I have similar problem. The problem is this. any application I use for example. Facebook or game. Suddenly it minimized automatically and goes to home screen and I don't know how and why is it like that. window 8.1 . Just got my laptop yesterday and having this problem

  8. Right so my laptops only about two years old and it's a sony vaio and when I type the majority of keys come up with an extra letter like if I press the e for instance it will come up with 4e I don't know wether it's the keypad sensitivity or wether there's something wrong with my laptop but I was wondering if you could help, it's doing my head in. Thanks!

  9. Hello Juan! I understand how to disable to track pad app on the left side, but how can I do that from the right side?  I am constantly, unintentionally pulling out my charm bar while using my touch mouse pad on my laptop. Is there a way to disable that function without completely turning off my touch mouse pad? Thank you!

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