Windows 8 Review for Gamers

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As a gamer, should you upgrade to Windows…


  1. hi, i have a problem with windows 8 or maybe the pc, i really need your help
    first i HAD windows 7 and it works just fine for gaming, but unfortunately, my screen flashed and it says "windows update" and since my net here is a bit low, i switched it to sleep mode, and then i am back to the pc it currently switched to windows 8
    and first it works good but now..
    let me make it clear, it crashes and black screened, i have to force restart it to be back again, and here is the question, is it the windows 8 or the pc? every full screened games it crashes, even clash of clans, goddamn
     SORRY FOR MY GRAMMAR. english is my 4th language 🙁

  2. To close a Modern UI app 5 options:

    1. Do it the way you shown.
    2. Use keyboard shortcut Alt+F4.
    3. Use Task Manager and force close.
    4. Use the close button at the top right.
    5. Grab the top part of the app and click and hold with the mouse and drag to bottom and release.

  3. Windows 7 really hates you
    I never really had problems with it but I have noticed that it becomes slower if you have multiple moniters and extra stuff added to your computer. Windows 7s aero theme is not really forgiving on computers resources even if you have a bumped up CPU and ram. It's runs the best on your average desktop. It only likes to run so fast. If you have a computer that's faster than your operating system was made for than it can get unstable. I learned that with xp

  4. I am still looking for a reason to upgrade.
    As a gamer i feel like the useless tiles are a background process that can be disabled to peek system performance.
    While i have tried eight on my windows tablet i ended up getting a refund because of how empty the store was.

    Windows 10 looks more promising with a very plane start menu but a start menu no less. I just need to find out how to completely disable the tiles from running in the background.

    For most of us pc gamers we will be sticking to seven for a while longer.

  5. I'm a PC gamer fanboy to be honest and always defend MS Windows against MAC fanboys from Win XP to Win7.  But this OS Win8, is just a joke.  First off, getting rid of the start menu is just a no brainer.  Why would you take off the main element that has been the center of your connection from your soul to the PC?  In more than 15 years (Windows 98) since I started using the PC, why now? 

    So Microsoft indirectly accepted their stupidity by re-introducing the start menu in WIndows 10.  Thanks to the millions of people that are not smart enough, that looked confused and stupid in front of the screen learning the tricks of this joke OS.  

  6. To be honest, I don't think I will ever get Windows 8 until I pretty much am forced to do it. I was hoping by now it was a a lot better and more optimized for desktops but it doesn't look that way (unless they did more even after this). I kinda think it's ridiculous that it takes that many steps to close a program. I much prefer clicking on it and hitting the X. If they have made dramatic change to Windows 8 since this, let me know please. 

  7. I completely disagree. In my experience, Windows 8 was not very smooth. My start up and shut down times were very slow. As for the gaming perspective, this operating system does not work very well. My internet connect could be the highest it could ever be and I will lag in any game. I have Norton because Windows 8 provides it to you. My pc doesn't have any viruses. I do scans twice everyday and nothing comes up. Especially with Minecraft. On my moms old Windows 7 laptop, yes i said laptop, my Minecraft ran perfectly smooth and worked with no problems whatsoever. On my windows 8 PC, I put my video setting as low as possible and dis everything I could to stop lag but nothing worked. For a while it started not to lag. I thought that it would be okay. I was completely wrong. The next day I went on Minecraft and I couldn't even walk. I would hit the key and I would lag out of the server. It got to the point were GMod started getting the same problems. When I first got GMod it ran very fast. I thought that it would be different from Minecraft. Again, I was wrong. I highly disagree with your opinion but people like what others don't. All I have to say is if you're getting a new PC, try to find one with Windows 7 and if you can't, buy the disk to change it back.

  8. Wow I have windows 8 and you say four steps. You must be lazy its not that hard like really what do you expect a fucking fairy to do it for you. 

    Windows 8 is not bad at all ive been using it for 1 1/2 years and no problems

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