Windows 8 start menu returns with Start8 from Stardock!

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Windows 8 start menu returns with Start8 from Stardock. Boot directly to the Windows 8 desktop, bypassing the modern interface and start screen, with the Start8 Windows 8 start menu. Return the familiarity of the classic Windows start menu and start button to Windows 8 with Start8.

– Adds a start button to the Windows 8 desktop
– Adds an enhanced Windows 7-style start menu
– Pin Windows 8 (Modern UI) apps to the start menu
– Boot directly to the Windows 8 desktop
– Windows Server…


  1. completely awesome. I was furious after installing WIndows 8, still pretty mad after complicatedly going for 8.1, after installing this suddenly I was so relieved! Microsoft sucks big time for not having integrated this into the system..

  2. I think Microsoft took away the Start button for the same reason Coke made "new coke" for a while: to get everyone to clamor for something that didn't need fixing so they could get press when they returned it (Classic Coke/ Windows 10).

  3. I will soon be buying a gaming laptop with Windows 8, this will be the first thing I'll install. Thanks Stardock for fixing a bit of the crap that is Windows 8 😀

    Also does anybody know if Start8 supports languages, specifically Italian?

  4. Classic shell does NOT do the same thing. Classic shell is not at all like the Vista/7 start menu. It is more like XP with the retarded flyout menus.

  5. its a difference it just takes getting used to its not pathetic its a choice to get start 8 anyway… Microsoft will not change it because they know it takes some getting used to stop acting like ms are the bad people here

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