Windows 8 – Stop Computer from Turning Off every 15, 20 Minutes – Power Options – Screen Saver

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Is your Microsoft Windows 8 PC turning off every 15 or 20 minutes? This video will help you adjust your power settings and set or turn off a screen saver. Also shows how to brighten or dim your display (on a laptop), using the Power Options in the Control Panel.


  1. Thanks! Like CrazyPurpleSwagg, mine has also been shutting down while I'm in the middle of using it!!  I hope this will work for me! Thank you for giving up your time to help everyone out there who is a victim of Wiindows 8! 😉

  2. I really hope this will work for my computer because my problem is, it will turn off WHILE I'M USING IT. I was on YouTube when this happened! I just bought my computer today and didn't expect to already have problems.

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