Windows 8 Tip – Adding a Secondary Touch Screen Monitor Linus Tech Tips

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Want to add a touch screen display to your Windows 8 PC? You might run into some PRETTY weird issues. This quick fix will get you up and running in a hurry 🙂



  1. Hi Linus…..just watched your video, i know it's a little behind the times but, I am trying to add a touch screen dell monitor to my HP laptop. I'm having great difficulty, meaning the touch part of the screen will not work! Can you help please???

  2. So Win 8 was designed for tablets and touchscreen and yet fails to recognize them automatically even when there is plenty of technology to ID and get the features of a monitor even CRTs since Windows 2000, Microsoft…

  3. Does this work with a laptop that isn't touchscreen as well? Trying to get a touchscreen display to hook up to my non-touch laptop and use touch on the extra monitor while using both.

  4. Hi! George from Philippines, i would like to ask if that is possible to use acer as secondary monitor in my mac? Like the duet apps? Is that possible. Hope you can help me. And i want to know if the HDMI will work. Thanks!

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