Windows 8 Tip How to shutdown or restart Windows 8

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Windows 8 Tip: How to access the Shutdown / restart option on Windows 8


  1. Just incredible how there are over 33K people just for this video alone.
    Perhaps Microsoft can stick to the basics instead of creating these fancy tiles that people don't care much about.

  2. Stupid . He is using a custom setting for windows. Welll DUH not everyone has a custom designed Win 8. So he is doing this you tube for people who have already created custom menus and start in other words worhtless. Also will someone tell me why wndows has decided to increase the amount of steps. I am glad i dont own stock

  3. Indeed it is……I bought a laptop with a $14.99 free upgrade to Win8. Installed on Thanksgiving day, at 11am, by 4 PM I was re-installing Windows 7 HP back, not to mention that my sound software didn't work not VCL program and lots of other ones but kinda worked after 8 was in but nothing to rave about it.

    I'm sticking with Win7 HP 64-bit. I'll wait for Win9, hopefully it won't look like MS is trying to murder the Desktop. Stupid apps like on a PC.

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