Windows 8 Tips – Adding Program Tiles

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The Start Screen (formerly known as Metro) is just your Windows 7 Start Menu on steriods. You now have an infinite amount of real estate to create your own custom menu system in a VERY neat and clean layout.

Here’s the first step. In a later video we’ll show you how to rearrange the tiles into logical groups. (Best viewed in HD)


  1. Sorry, I didn't answer that completely. Each section is four tiles, but there are 2 columns that are 2 tiles wide.

    So if you choose a tile from the second column and insert it in the first column, it pushes the bottom tiles from the first row to the top of the second. It's like a 2 column Word document.

    Just do the first column like you want (without any of the tiles that will be in the second column), then work on the second one.

  2. I can get the first row (4 tiles) in the order I want, but soon as I place a first tile in the second row the top tiles change. I can't seem to keep the top row in the order I want. But thanks for the quick reply. May 8.1 will fix it. I can't believe that I am the only who wants tiles in an exact order.

  3. It's a bit tricky, but drag your first tile to the top left of the section. Ignore the movement of the other tiles. Then select the next one you want on the immediate right of the first tile. The other tiles will flow down to the next section. Keep doing that in the order you want them. They should line up in the order you want.

    Good news. In Windows 8.1 that is coming out in September, you will have 3 size to play with, just like Windows phone.

  4. Hello
    Is there a way of arranging the tiles, in a group, in exacly for order I want them top to botton and left to right. Whenever I move a tile the other tiles move on there own to other places. Enjoyed you video.

  5. Well, I don't like the programs that make Win7 or other version look like Win8. First, you don't get the awesome speed of Win8 and other features are poorly implemented.

    I went to a couple of download sites and most of the reviews are pretty bad including a couple that said there was a virus in the install.

    On one site, even the instructions warns that you might encounter 'glitches'. Don't know if your system can handle Win8, but my reccomendation is to save your dollars and buy it.

  6. Sure. If a program uses that standard install procedures that used to add it to your Start Menu in Windows 7, Windows 8 adds it to your Start Screen. If not, just go to the desktop and browse to the actual exe file and right-click on it. Click on 'Pin to Start'. Then go to your Start page and it should be there.

    This is the second time somene has asked about it. Maybe I wasn't clear enough about this. I'll put out another video just about pinning non-win8 apps.

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