Windows 8 Tips and Tricks: Know How 93

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Padre shows a few tips using Windows 8.


  1. The first two tips I found useful and have implemented both.
    The powerdown icon I have been using for a long time and on various different machines but always call it "Don't Click"

  2. If you are still using W8 and not 8.1 you are stupid for not updating to allow things that are given to you without doing these shortcuts, like an earlier reply talked about the right click start, shut down/restart/etc.

    I guess that is what we get for computer tips from a priest.


    (edit: Apparently someone can't take a joke, even with the proper emote included…sigh)

    (double edit: I wasn't even referring to the video. It was a general comment, just like tomekque said.)

  3. I wish there was a way to keep W8.1 from deleting your thumbnail previews of images and movies practically every day. There were a couple of tweaks you could do for W7 in permissions, but they don't work in W8.1. Otherwise, I use Classic Shell with W8.1 and like it a lot, I'll possibly ditch Classic Shell when 8.1 update 2 comes out with the start menu for my desktop. 

  4. I like windows 8.1 but there are just to many bugs and lack of functionality that keep pushing me back to Windows 7 and Linux.   I Want to like windows 8.  but every time i try to get real work done it just fails. Hopefully they get it right by the time windows 7 expires.  If not then i will either have to go with a system 76 machine and put Manjaro/Arch on it  or just go back to Mac.  I want to like you Windows 8. But you keep pushing me away. sigh  :/  

  5. I thought your video was great and had very useful tips. I think its so ridiculous that Window 8 users have to change all these settings, create shortcuts and download 3rd party programs to make Windows 8 better for them. Microsoft in some ways made some less computer literate people even more confused because they were familiar with the start menu etc.  I hope Microsoft fixes everything in Windows 9 🙂

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