Windows 8 Tips: Hotkeys

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1. Win + Print Screen — Take Screenshot (Saves as PNG in Pictures Library)

2. Win + Tab — Open Switch List

3. Win + C — Open Charms Bar

4. Win + B — Go Back to Desktop/Win + D — Go to Desktop

5. Win + E — Open Windows Explorer

6. Win + F — Search Within Files (Allows you to search directly within Files)

7. Win + H — Go to Share Settings Pane (Lists sharing options relative to currently running app)

8. Win + I — Open Settings Menu

9. Win + K — Open Devices Settings Pane…


  1. It is a key on the key board that has the Windows Logo on it. If you need help identifying this key, Go to and Search for "Win key" This should give you an image and you should easily be able to identify it.

  2. If you have a "Fn" Key, Try holding that along with the "Windows Key" and then tap the Print Screen Key.
    This should Apply to you, If you're on a Laptop, Good Luck, hopefully you've found the solution already

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