Windows 8 tips & tricks basic user skills

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Note: I was using and mouse and keyboard to use windows 8 so you can clearly see it’s very easy to use without having a touch screen.

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  1. Im sure this person is so sorry that they are not perfect like all you ass holes that left comments about this persons voice, like we all came with a couple different voices we can just change too if we dont like the sound of the current one.It must be nice to be so perfect.

  2. Thanks for your video. We have been using Windows XP happily until recently & felt like we were semi-computer literate even though we were using an outdated operating system. Now we've been forced to make the jump from Windows XP to Windows 8 – due to lack of choice in new computers. I'm trying my best to learn Windows 8 so I can encourage the rest of the family to try it. Overall though, I'm starting to think Microsoft want people to fall by the wayside & stop buying computers.

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