Windows 8 Tutorials – The Basics (Non Touch)

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We give a run through of the basics for using Windows 8 on non-touch devices. We cover the Start Screen, Live Tiles, Groups, Zones and the Charms Bar.


  1. hey. I have a PC with Windows 8.1 and his brightness is working so that you can't turn off the brightness all the way down. I mean you always see something. Is it similar to your computer as well?

  2. I found this really helpful! Window 8 doesn't seem as scary as before I watched cause it was like this alien lifeform that didn't make a bit of sense. I think I can make this work with a little time and effort.

  3. I am having an issue with windows 8 myself. I have 8.1 (Not sure if that is any different), and there is a feature in which i would move my mouse to the right side of the screen, then a seach bar would pop up allowing me to look for certain apps ect. But it stopped working. I looked around for an answer but haven't gotten any solid help.

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