Windows 8 – Two ways to open microsoft paint

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This tutorial shows two ways to open microsoft paint in windows 8 using mouse and keyboard


Method 1:

1) Type paint on start screen
2) Click Paint

Method 2:

1) Right-click on a blank area in start screen
2) Click All apps
3) Scroll to the end
4) Click Paint

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  1. it says microsoft paint.
    that is windows paint.

    Let me tell you the difference

    Microsoft (MS) paint was created in Windows XP and is said to be the best version of paint

    windows paint, however, was created when windows 7 came out and is pretty bad compared to MS paint

  2. Thank you for this video.

    Windows 8 is one of the worse OS microsoft has produced. No word processing capability and everything takes an age to find. If indeed it's there to be found.

  3. interestingly I found paiint, by the search function, but it is not listed in my list of apps. In fact, when I rightclick, that little box  in the right hand corner on your screen doesn't show up on mine :-(.  When I do find a list of apps (by clicking new apps insstalled), I have a list, but paint isn't in the list, neither are any other common apps such as calculator etc. I hate windows 8

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