Windows 8 Vs. Linux Mint 14.1 Vs. Ubuntu 13.04 Ultimate Comparison + Benchmark

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Testing Environment
-CPU: Intel® Core™ i7 CPU Q 740 @ 1.73GHz × 8
-Graphics: GeForce 310M/PCIe/SSE2


  1. Graphics 1.5 what out of what? Thanks for showing and timing things like the installation. Did you use WiFi for benchmarks? If so, make sure there was no interference from microwave ovens and neighbors, and use a stable server (preferably on your LAN).

    Editing of the video could be better (prep your text, add some fades, explain cuts and cut down on the subjectivity) and I miss a final table comparing all. Maybe add some animated graphs for extra credit.

  2. im sorry man but you are using a Toshiba for the love of Pete those are worst laptops ever try an Asus or lenovo  or even gateway  and Linux mint is way faster at boot and does no fancy animation just like my good old buddy Windows XP the last of the good operating systems 

  3. Yes there- is favourites is usually managed by Zeitgeist and all the user folders are covered under /home/user- including (in the case of ubuntu and its derivatives) Videos,Pictures, Music,Documents and Downloads.

  4. NB. My 1986 casio watch that played the James Bond theme tune had better HTPC credentials!!!

    Come to think of it, a small 'fart box' keyring I had in 1986 sounded better than Win8 default theme sounds.

    If you want to use the office suite on Win 8 I think you would be more productive formatting your drive and watching Jackass!

  5. Since Win7, VHDs can be used to install the OS to and then run natively. My question is:-

    Can windows 1.0 run from such a drive?

    I only ask as the HDMI support and 4G networking for Win 1.0 is so much better than that for Win 8

  6. Download it and run the Live CD to have a poke around. If you want to install it, you can either resize your Windows partition and install in a new one, or I think you can even install inside Windows (it creates a 'disk' file that it uses for it's storage)

    Also you could try Virtualbox.

  7. Discussion between the developers of Windows 9:
    "Bah, let's get the old Windows 3.1 style back. Metro is pretty fucked up."
    "Why not remove the GUI completely? No one uses it anyway."
    "Yeah.. and add some BSODs too."
    "That's great! And when customers complain, we'll just say the new version will fix all problems."
    "Yeah, and then we can roll out a new version every month, and get RICH! Mohahaha!"
    "Let's go to work!"

  8. Why did you choose to not show (or even mention) the desktop in Windows 8? Multitasking hasn't changed from what it was in Windows 7, so you are misstating what Windows 8 is all about. This is a really poor comparison of the OSs. You didn't show how to do things in each OS, such as moving files around, quickly getting to files, etc. Is there an equivalent to Libraries and Favourites in the other 2 OSs? These are important things for productivity.

  9. I don't know, what you are doing wrong. Often it's a special Hardware, that can't be handled, because the information for building a driver is not available. If you have some practice, you can fix all Problems. I am working on Linux since more than 10 years now and everything works perfect. Buy good hardware and don't give money for an NSA-Spyware-Operatingsystem .

    There are different ways to install Linux. You can Download all on DVD, if you don't have access to the net.

  10. Google "Ubuntu installing software offline" and look at the Community Help wiki result. Several options there, of which the most promising looks to be the synaptic download script. Point the offline PC at a repository on a USB drive.

    As for the desktop I haven't noticed any of these freezes or crashing that you mention. I run Arch with XFCE and SLiM, darktable for photo development, software development, virtual machines, databases, application servers – all on a Macbook Pro 13 Retina 🙂

  11. You can download the entire distribution set from the repositories. Most of the software is also available on the multi-DVD set that comprises the Debian distribution.

    Crashing and buggy? I use Xubuntu as my daily driver. I don't have any problems.

  12. Yes. A lot of people will talk down to Linux while being oblivious to the fact that windows has the same problems. If you try to install a program with no internet connection when you don't have the dependencies, it doesn't matter what OS you're on, you're hosed. Windows mitigates this by having their core libraries (C runtime re-distributable stuff, .net, etc) most Linux distros include as much as they can on the disc, or assume you'll have internet.

  13. Discussion between the developers about the next version of Gnome Shell:

    "Oh, what useful tools should we delete from Nautilus now? Maybe fuck up the DE even more with menus in 10 different places?"
    "No, let's remove Nautilus completely. No one uses a file manager anyway nowadays."
    "My suggestion is to open the workspace switcher when you right click."
    "Yeah, and add an irritating notification bar so users gets angry."

  14. False. RPM-packages carries deps in the metadata. Also, you can download .deb-files for installation later too.
    The –download-only switch for apt-get does what you want.

    And when it comes to DEs I cannot agree with you at all. You either tried crappy distros, or you've installed like 10 DEs alongside.
    Unity, KDE Plasma, Xfce, LXDE… all works perfectly for me. But I have to agree that some DEs are buggy. Unity in Ubuntu 12.10 or later is horrible slow. Openbox, for example, is MUCH faster.

  15. Except that it's not true at all. RPM has the dependencies in the metadata. As long as you have all of the packages that are required available, you can install with no internet. I don't know as much about deb, but it's similar. I have to install RPMs manually for work all the time, and so long as the dependencies exist (which it tells you what you need when you try to do so,) you can install everything at once.

  16. Winblows installation:-
    Are you sure you want to run this application? yes
    Are you really sure? yes
    This software has drivers that are not licensed by Microshite, ARE YOU SURE? yes
    Where would you like to install to? C:
    Did the program install properly? yes
    You need to restart your computer before using this program, restart now? yes
    Welcome to windows

    linux installation:-

  17. I can say the same about Windows 8 from my personal experience. Although, there may have been other circumstances that caused it, I never did figure it out. The 8.1 Preview ran solid on the same hardware.

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