Windows 8 Vs. The Dellasaurus (The Windows 8 Experiment – Part 7)

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I deliberately delayed this video so folks wouldn’t think it had more April Fools jokes in it since I filmed it on April 1st. πŸ˜› With the whole Win8 thing not really going over very well, I figured why not try installing it on an ancient Dell to see if it would even work. Well, “try” turned out to be quite an ordeal… πŸ˜›

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING 32 VS. 64-BIT – The whole bit thing just happened to slip my mind when I was tinkering with this piece of junk QUITE SOME TIME AGO, which by…


  1. First video ever to clear 100,000 views… WHOA!!! GO HOME ALGORITHMS!!! YOU'RE DRUNK!!! πŸ˜€ For everyone seeing this check out my newer stuff that's along the same vein as this when you're done with this 5-year-old schtuff. πŸ˜€

  2. what is wrong with you? why are you so upset and miserable at that old computer. you keep talking shit about it because its not up to your standards well its super old so duhhh. i dont give a darn this that, this cant burn anything and etc…. complaining and complaining lolll dude its an old computer relaxx

  3. I wonder if this is the same board for the L550R or the L1000R which the model was for the MHz of the cpu that it came with. If its the same board your much better off getting a 1GHz pentium 3 coppermine CPU for it. The Celerons were always garbage. I did have to update the BIOS to support the 1GHz pentium 3 before it would boot with the better CPU.

  4. you know you actually may need a bootdisk to get it to jump to a CMD that will allow you to boot up the disk from there. Id send you mine but Theyre relics and i may need them.

  5. I had a pal with two dells way back in 2000 or so…both were the same but neither worked when we tried loading windows. He took the Hard drive from one and tried it in the other…it worked. He took the second drive and put it in the first machine…both worked fine…..We NEVER bought Dells again. Lol…..Dells were the weirdest

  6. bro, how in fuck are you gunna install a 64 bit OS onto a single core machine? judging by how you speak you should know this already. common sense for PC guys

    just read the description. i beg my pard. we all make retarded mistakes form time to time. honestly tho……. facepalm πŸ˜›

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