Windows 8 Vs Windows 10 Gaming Performance

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Windows 10 vs Windows 8 Gaming Performance
Games and Benchmarks used:
LOTR Shadow Of Mordor
Batman Arkham Origins
More games in part 2!

Clean install of each operating system with the same drivers.
Hardware specs
Processor: Core i5 4670K
Memory: 16GB Kingston FURY
Motherboard: MSI Z97 Gaming 7
Video Card: MSI 270X 2GB
PSU: CoolerMaster M2 1500w
Hard Drive: Kingston HyperX 3k


  1. I think trying to list as many games as possible is irrelevant. We can tell from this data that it is always extremely close, sometimes Windows 8 is just a tiny bit better, sometimes Windows 10 is, but there's never one crushing the other in any comparison. If the data is accurate, this means we probably shouldn't expect much of a difference in gaming.

  2. whatever, i'll stay with windows 7. the new windows are just too bright and remind me too heavily of system layouts for mobiles, but i don't want to feel like sitting in front of a giant cellphone screen when i'm sitting at my computer.

  3. actually to make windows 10 like 8 with gaming performance go to task manager cancel out the processes which you dont need and ones which microsoft may have put (example: if skype is there then delete that) another thing go to services.msc and disable some of services

  4. Win 10 perform with Direct X12,
    and win8 can't perform more than direct x11  (Hardware platform)
    we don't care about litle 1/4 second speed difference for win 10…comparing with image Quality…(Graphic are awsom)

  5. honestly, for me what we should look at is what kind of reaction from game developer not what inside new os.

    however as much as i know many developers not take a risk to make game that fully support win10 and they still expect most of their customers still sticking with win7.

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