Windows 8 VS Windows 7 and should you upgrade

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Windows 7 VS Windows 8


  1. xd will i don't care about what best i do like windows 7 but now i use windows 8 its good 2 i don't like windows xp or Vista i did use windows 7 and i love it i don't care if windows 8 it's bullshit i like it 2

  2. great video.. And to those people that complain about the start, your not a computer geek at all.. And yes as said, windows 7 is the most solid for upgrade and win8.1 great if your system come with win8.1, ifnit didn't then forget about it if you need youtube vids to fix your computer haha

  3. My friend had windows 7 and is built windows 10 then he did not like and wanted to return to windows 7 and has not wanted to come back and still have Windows 10 or any game that he will not work for either program is my recommendation is that no downloading windows 10

  4. What's the problem with the start button?! Why do we have to have these freaking tiles like I am using a smartphone? It's so annoying how Microsoft want to force change upon you just because they absolutely HAVE TO HAVE something new.

  5. I don't like windows 10 I tried it in the technical preview the problem is still the start button I still have the live tiles and when you search it looks on the internet! I want the Computer,Control Panel,Device Manger classic start works but its so slow and I cant click the control panel to uninstall a program. I will just wait for windows 11

  6. I have windows 8.1 on my HP TouchSmart Notebook and I hate it. It's my second time with windows 8 (before the update) and It crashed on me while I was playing a flash and listening to music on youtube. It would start up and the mouse or the keyboard didn't work anymore. l Couldn't get it fixed. The question I wanna ask if it's still a good idea in 2015 if I should buy a windows 7 OS disc and install it on my current laptop?

  7. if you have 3 gigs of ram win 8 would run perfectly like to me but 2 gigs and lower you will get lag and hiccups and by the way i say NOOOOOO to upgrade win 7 to win 8 i have a win 7 pc and its awesome for gaming but win 8 just isnt its cool for surfing the web and all 😉

  8. aside from the gui of windows 8 which can be easily get used to regardless touch or non-touch screen devices, the behind the scene of the os is actually pretty well made, better than windows 7 in some cases. people hating windows 8 solely because of its questionable design, they dont judge by its performance. but then most people hate changes and aren't tech savvy

  9. You did not show any difference between 7 and 8 . I thought you were going to explain by showing the diffrences between the 2 operating systems. Thats why I didn't like your video .

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