Windows 8 vs Windows 7 Boot Speed Demo

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Here is a great demo of Windows 7 Boot vs a Windows 8 Boot. Window 8 is much faster in booting than a typical Windows 7 Machine. Both machines are running in 64 bit mode and have standard class SATA drives. No SSD drives were used.


  1. you're just simply close minded. your statement makes completely no sense. You're saying upgrade to ssd to get windows 7 faster, that has nothing to do with software comparison.

  2. I have quad core cpu 3ghz and 8gb ram windows7 and it boots with 20 seconds to the desktop the answer is simple I use SSD storage so you people don't need to use that crappy 8 just upgrade to SSD .

  3. Something's wrong with your win 7 rig. My desktop takes less than 20 seconds to boot and start playing music via WMP, even my slow laptop witha 5400 rpm hard drive does it in less than 1 min.

  4. PC speed depends on specs of your PC, that includes the speed of your HDD (rpm). Its just that RAM's, processors and Video cards (etc.) are the known major factors that affects PC speed. But then again, you shouldn't forget HDD.

  5. I heard many complains about windows 8 updating before booting up. My friend is a call center agent and we always talk about PC stuff (I'm a computer technician). Im still using windows xp (older PC's) and win7. Honestly, I've never tried win8 since older OS's still works fine.

  6. You're laptop sucks no offense, but laptops by nature are slower, compare desktop to desktop, my desktop running windows 7 obliterates both of yours in boot speed.

  7. Ты закачал виндовс 7 на слобейший комп и там она утя долго грузит уменя виндовс 7 включается 11 сек!

  8. none, it's a business machine, just got it recently. Barely used, of course logging in time may have some things loading, but the initial boot time is about right. It's how long it's always been to boot, even when I first got it.

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