Windows 8 vs Windows 7 boot time (x86)

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Windows 8 (Build 8102) versus Windows 7 cold boot times on identical Acer laptops.

AMD TF-20 1.6 Ghz x86 CPU
3 gigs ddr2
5400rpm drives


  1. @Brownsound279 you did not say you add applications plus anti-virus on them plus it don't show in video. if you claims both apps on them. then yeah windows 8 is faster. it will slow down over time if not regularly maintains. I.e. fun defag, disk check, disk clean up. it will half the time again if it is SSD (soild state drive)
    BTW am a IT technician by trade But any way very good boot time i must say with on apps and processes running

  2. I think the main reason for the significant start-up difference is that Windows 8 is a tablet-optimised system which is made to work brilliantly with smaller processors and less RAM, while Windows 7 was made fully for the desktop… well at least that's my 2 cents…

  3. Microsoft plays it like this: first a os that has nice big updates but its slow ad buggy so the people will hate it ok then the new os comes out this will be a not so big updated os but they just fix the bugs and change the appearance a little bit plus some minor updates

  4. @guily6669 Windows 8 will have two different user interfaces: the one you see here is for touch screen tablets, and you can disable that feature for the desktop user interface, which is identical to Windows 7

  5. @PenguinRecordings you just hit the nail on head their. they claims to have first boot times but its programs and processes. each program have more then one processes going at once, anti-virus/internet security run about 6+ processes for each part of the program

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