Windows 8 vs. Windows 7 – Ease Of Use

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Kotaku recently ran this article:
with some misinformation about Windows 8, And I debunk it. I also run an experiment in click cost to do common tasks.

Crysis Article:


  1. The fact that there is no "Button" present on the windows 8 taskbar doesn't mean it's not there, metro is a faster version of it. Also, if it's hard to get used to this change, there are a lot of programs that add the classic start menu back there, start8 for example. Windows 8 is also faster and better for gaming. the only thing i want back from windows 7 are the aero effects

  2. i agree windows 8 is completely trash…. try searching for printers and devices in windows 8 in metro…. "file not found" on windows 8 u must first start the control panel THEN search for printers and devices…. more then doubling the clicks…..

  3. OK, win8 isn't bad as a desk / laptop OS, but when you put it on a touch screen it makes sense, everything is moving to touch screen, yes Microsoft have got it right and still are ahead of the pack, also watch Ubuntu Linux over the next few years.

  4. what about search? All I gotta do i click the windows button and type something I want. It looks like u gotta right click an empty field, and then click search in windows 8.

  5. Nada. In the Computer Science industry, an app is a program made specifically for a smaller less capable computing device, like a cell phone or a TI-83. Its much like a Windows is called specifically a PC, when in reality Macs and Linux based computers that are Personal are PC's as well.

    The sad truth is, even though it means the same thing, they dont. There is a fine and distinctive line between the market for apps and applications.

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