Windows 8 vs Windows 7 Speed Test Comparison

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Windows 8 vs Windows 7 Speed Test Comparison


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In this Windows 8 vs Windows 7 Speed Test, we compare boot up time for the latest Microsoft operating system with the previous iteration of Windows. We’ll also compare Windows 8 and Windows 7 memory usage, run general and 3D benchmark tests and benchmark graphics processing on a range of PC games.

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  1. Stop bitchin… Windows 7 was good until 8 came out, it is better but you all still have feeling of nostalgia, its normally, I also remember myself as a kid being on XP and loved that classy style, Windows 9 is coming with DX 12 (wont support Win 7) and I'll feel nostalgia if they kick out metro thing…. After you get used to something change can be pretty hard for you…

  2. This is an OS… a real speed test would be users of different technical backgrounds doing work on there PCs and seeing how quickly they can find there damn files and do work… thats all an OS really does. If you find a 5-10 seconds boot up speed as a huge victory as a Win 8 user… um why?

  3. He Is Clearly Sponsering Windows 8 They Probably Paid Him and dont tell me i dont k ow because i had windows 7 hm and it was prety fast then i got a windows 8 computer and it much slower than windows 7 its looks great but performance windows 7 is better

  4. Everyone just needs to quit bitching about windows 8. It's overall a cleaner operating system. People just don't like it because its "different". Everyone wants to live in their shell of no change. Download 8.1, use it for 2-4 weeks until you get used to it, and you'll like it.

  5. I love windows 7 but wouldn't mind upgrading to 8.1
    then just get the old windows start up back, delete the tiles shit
    see if I can get the old windows theme back on 8.1 = my problem solved

    my question is!

    what is the name of the intro song please?

  6. Win 8.1 Boots even faster than 8. My (Toshiba Satellite C-50-A-19u)  i3 ivy bridge 2.4Ghz and HDD5400rpg uses15sec. Realy fast! Download classic shell, and set it to: "Go to the desktop instead of Start when I sign in":] Bye, bye W7, it'll beat you at any task!:] 

  7. Slightly faster? Seemed like a tie to me, basically no noticeable improvement in overall performance (by your given stats).
    Ergo just another jeweled up abortion of Vista.

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