Windows 8 vs Windows 7 Ultimate Performance Benchmarks Review & Test

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Windows 8 vs Windows 7 Ultimate Performance Benchmarks Review & Test: Windows 8 vs Windows 7 Comparison


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  1. I recommend using Windows 7 Ultimate but Windows 7 starter is a lot better because they have no ultimate feutures on it which will make your ram faster but if you dont want windows 7 starter then its ok windows 8.1 is cheap windows 10 is much cheaper windows 7 is not cheap so windows 7 wins windows 8 its ok if you have windows 8 there is no problems but a few bugs every windows have bugs so don't be a windows 8 hater windows 10 has alot features cool texture new settings so if you have windows 10 its ok no problem every windows has lagg has bugg has problems so use any windows!

  2. IDC whTs best to have ass soon ass I get to know which ones better I crack ISO images I'm a pirate:P lol yh not genuine Ay I got dem tools for da genuine MA man

  3. All the hate comments from little kids are retarded both OS's are great it's just a personal opinion for me 8.1 was faster on my PC that's why i used it. Now i am trying to Win 10 hopefully i will get better performance and so far it's really fast even without ssd.

  4. I have Windows 7 Home Premium for my pc and I'm happy with it. I wish I can download Windows 10 Home however because I wasn't able to install it.
    (By the way, if u know the solution to Error C1900208, tell me)

  5. windows 10 i believe has the most memory of all. also accessing files and stuff are as easy as windows 7. The style looks like win 8 but has the start menu like win 7 but with the mix of win 8. I like win 10 now 🙂

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