Windows 8 vs Windows 7

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Windows 8 vs Windows 7 using identical Lenovo T420.


  1. I have knowledge about all of this: W8 faster boot speeds, sales and opinions does equal fact because it shows how many computer users are on the OS, and by the way you thought everyone was butthurt about W8 and being resistant to change so that's where I got that from. Windows 8.1 doesn't even help one bit. Besides, the OS was made for TABLETS and PHONES and they just added a desktop to it and called it Windows 8. That is why people don't like the OS, so yeah I do have enough knowledge.

  2. and im not butthurt, in fact i could care less about this. OOH! youtube comments are changing my life entirely! Booohooooo! and im not out of reasons, W8 is faster. much, much faster, and pretty much the exact same thing as windows 7 with the new 8.1 update. as i mentioned above, SALES and OPINIONS does NOT = fact. and just to let you know, i do have experience, i was 13 when vista hit the market, thats plenty of experience. i see you hade enough knowledge to know about 8.1 didnt ya?

  3. -_- you are literally unteachable, i guess whatever you say goes apparently. just to let you know, OPINION is NOT FACT! yes its fact the W8 is faster. Yes, it is fact that W7 had more sales. W8 is not crap because you say so. and to the next thing. "thick skull" means what i mentioned above, you are 'unteachable' for lack of a better term. you ARE saying fact, just you are being completely ignorant and one sided. "thick skull" does not = lies

  4. I do agree that W8 has better memory usage than W7 thus making it faster but we were talking about being "resistant to change"???? The next comment you made was funny as well, me having a "thick skull" yet everything I say is fact. It looks like someone is butt hurt now and you ran out of reasons, unless you have anything else to say then I'm done too. W7 wins by facts (sales) and by opinions (people wanting it and buying it.) You need to have experience with knowledge before speak.

  5. and by fact i mean speeds themselves. W8 obviously is faster in both boot time, and actual processes and in-game framerate. by opinion i mean the majority of people think W7 is better, before you flip the fuck out about me saying by fact W8 wins. to me, W8 is much faster, i dont care any more about it over W7 over the layout, in fact i do everything i ever did with w7, just easier and faster, but thats just me. Nuff said, and good day.

  6. ok well seeing as literally everything i said isnt going through that thick skull of yours, ill just let you be. Theres literally no point in fighting this with you because you just keep denying everything and saying NOPE IM RIGHT, so to make you happy, ill just say you won to end this. The reason im fighting for something that is "lost" in your mind, is because you fight for what you stand for, and not pussy out when 1 person disagrees. go by pure facts, W8 wins. go by opinion, W7 wins.

  7. You never explained anything and your comparisons can't be understood because they go out of context. W7 never had shitty sales you're probably thinking of Vista. You're right you don't need to explain anything because there isn't anything to explain. Good luck in your fight for W8. The failure of it is inevitable just like Vista. Why fight for something that has already lost?

  8. i already did, no need to explain it again, as its mentioned above. and i dont know if you are old enough to remember, but W7 had shitty sales until people finally came around to buying it, once the hardware actually got shitty in vista systems and 7 became almost necessary. Im not even gonna go the the comparisons because you arent understanding them, so just forget that i guess.

  9. Oh I understand EXACTLY what you're saying. You came in this video hoping to tell people they are "resistant" to change and should stop complaining. Plus, sales do matter because it shows consumers do not like it. Also, if computer geeks don't like it then I guess they're wrong. Yes, new music is shit but that is different just like your comparison with the YouTube layout. So yes I understood you very well. Please give me and everyone GOOD reasons to actually convince that W8 is better.

  10. well idk how else to explain this to you since you cant really understand what im saying apparently. and just because it didnt have high sales doesnt mean its shit. it had low sales because there is absolutely no reason to switch, the only reason to get W8 is because its faster, or because you are getting a new computer entirely cuz W7 isnt new anymore. and just because geeks like it, doesnt mean its good. music now is shit, yet somehow people like it. Its still shit. UNDERSTAND?

  11. Lol, I had it on my computer when I got mine. No, it is not a desktop OS, it's used for apps and touchscreens. Just because you can use it on the desktop doesn't mean it is a "desktop" OS. People would pay extra money just to have Windows 7 on their computer with an SSD than Windows with an HHD. Windows 8 is the lowest selling Windows OS below Vista, and over half computer users use Windows 7 and computer geeks prefer it too. Like I said, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. Stop defending a shit OS.

  12. yes, but windows 8 is fast WITHOUT an SSD. and yes, W8 IS a desktop OS… in fact im using W8 on my desktop literally right now. And get my facts straight….. if only you knew the irony. and you obviously didnt, trying it out at best buy doesnt count as 'giving it a chance'

  13. Two completely different things and every operating system can be fast if you put an SSD in it. Even though W8 boots up faster I still like W7 and no I'm not resistant to change, it's just that W8 is not a desktop OS. So get your facts straight before you decide you're the computer geek on YouTube. Besides, I gave W8 a chance and so did everyone else.

  14. because everyone is so resistant to CHANGE! remember when the youtube layout changed? everyone fucking hated it huh? now were in this version and nobody really cares, people got used to it. people dont like it because its different, but if people would just try it out for a month, they would get used to it, because its MUCH faster, pretty much the exact same as 7 (with new update, has start button) everyone has to change eventually, just they are butthurt until they do.

  15. A lot of ppeople do. When I ran Win7 on my laptop, I would never shut it off because it took too long to boot, I would only put it to sleep. Now that I have Win8 on it, I actually shut it down at night.

  16. Microsoft will release fixes for that. Just take it easy, Win8 is still fresh and it needs time to get fully stable. If you have Win8 then make sure you install all security and other updates and fixes and you'll see. If there are no updates then they are probably working on these fixes 😉

  17. Bugs will be fixed soon on Win8. It's just new and it'll take some time to release all bog fixes and updates and that. Win8 will be eben more faster then it is and much more stable.

  18. Bullshit anyway. Computer boots take much much longer. It only seems like it's done but on the background it's still doing all kinds of crap. I let my pc on for 15 minutes before I jump on it. Then it will actually respond to mouse clicks.. Before that it's so busy on the background it's not able to quickly load any shortcut or mouseclick. Takes 10 seconds longer easily.

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