Windows 8: What to expect for Desktop/Laptops

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This video quickly highlights Windows 8 Release Preview and how you can use it on a desktop/laptop PC


  1. Great video. I purchased a new computer and was worried about the windows 8. As you stated in the video, I was one of those who thought the start menu was the operating system's new desktop. Thanks for clearing it up!

  2. No, I am completely disagree with you. Windows 8 brings more functionality? Wow, dumping stuffs that has been around years ago is really, really not good. Imagine, society has been too comfortable with old Windows style, start menu and stuffs. Then out of the blue, a f****ing start screen which is way not good for mouse interactions, exists for the laptop and desktop platforms.
    I really hate the start screen. But thank God third party start menus exist and deviantArt designers are there to design a more cooler themes comparing to the stupid ugly solid colours Win 8 provides.

  3. I personally don't like it…especially for beginners, I see a problem with having to search for what you're looking for…some novices, not computer savvy would have difficulty searching for a location or folder's name on the computer. Typing in a search to find files or programs is not the way to go. All that garbage on the desktop, is just another way to advertise…that's what people hate. Make it clean, make it user friendly, or dump it.

  4. I see where you're coming from, but it's obnoxiously busy looking– like being in a Las Vegas casino. THAT is the part that I dislike the most about Windows 8. I personally miss the "start" button because it didn't bombard me with 23,287 colors and animated "panels" that show me mini-movies of all the things on my computer. It's ridiculous!

  5. You actually changed my mind on windows 8! I just assumed that the 'start' screen was the home screen because all the advertisements seem to be failing to mention the normal desktop layout still exists… Cleared that up for me!

  6. I like how people say "it's just not true that it's not good for a laptop or desktop"
    Clearly many other people believe otherwise, and for them it's not good for a laptop or desktop.
    Personally, I want a computer. I don't want a god damn tablet on the my computer. If I want a fucking tablet, I'll fucking buy one.

  7. Lol.
    Ok this is too funny. I have to stop. I couldn't believe you failed to realize I am a troll. NO SHIT Windows 8 can run games. You must've never been replied to by a troll before. Windows 8 is amazing!

  8. Nice Video..but I'm not gonna upgrade.. I already did but i downgraded back to windows 7. The reason why is because I experienced some bugs in this operating system.. I'm gonna wait until microsoft can solve the problems 🙂

  9. after reading nothink but bad reviews on windows 8 i watched this vid and now i can easy get windows 8 cheers mate after all every windows what has come out since 98 everyone has slated it untill they get used to it

  10. pls tell me again how u just go to start menu and type "crome" and it starts cuz i do exactly same on my win7 with crappyer laptop and it loads faster than u shown o@

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