Windows 9 – The OS Microsoft WON’T Tell You About!

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Windows 9 doesn’t exist… officially. But it may be just what you’re looking for if you aren’t satisfied with Windows 10.

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  1. using an underpowered laptop that shipped with win7 and an i3 with integrated gpu as my daily driver. i have win10 on it now, slimmed down to what i could but i think this will be perfect me. background services and uwp are killing me

  2. The kind of more technical reason why Microsoft didn't release Windows 9 (I don't remember the source of this info) is that when programs were being writen for Windows 95/98 the code stated compatability with Windows 9x, so having a modern Windows compatible with old software would allow people use the super outdated apps on modern hardware, which would introduce a bunch of problems and so on and so forth. As I said, I can't remember the source, but I can say that it's probably NOT an official sorce.

  3. Maybe my computer knowledge is a little out of whack, but you said you were somewhat surprised Windows 10 was outperforming 9 so much. But your version of Windows 9 is Windows 10*WITH EXTRA 3RD PARTY RESOURCE HOGGING PROGRAMS ADDED FOR CUSTOMIZATION* Isnt a slowdown to be expected? lol not really clickbait I guess..

  4. meh…I'm at the point of: "If it works…. F$%K IT!!" Regardless of whatever you do – people and/or machine's will and have been spying on you. Been like this for 1,000+ years. Unless you got something to hide, I'm done worrying about it. I have Win10 and love it, it's all sync'd up with Samsung Note – I can keep up with everything I need to. It's a give and take relationship….like Marriage (except Win10 doesn't Nag me).

  5. I don't really care what it looks like ( win 8 & 10 looked like a crappy Apple phone ) when the system is set up as a media player, multi free to air TV tuners and with media browser embedded for DVD playback, the first thing win 10 does is delete the media player and force any media to come through their store and won't recognize the TV.

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