Windows Basic Display Adapter Driver Issues

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This video is to help anyone who may be having resolution, screen sharing of gaming frame rate issues. My laptop is a HP 15-f039 and is running Windows 8.1

If you are having issues like I did and arent sure if you even have a graphics card, chances are you have an onboard graphics system.

Follow the instructions in the video and if you have nay questions, let me know ! 🙂

Intel HD Graphics Drivers:

How to turn off Auto…


  1. I have been struggling these days trying to know if my cpu have graphics card installed, I tried dxdiag and it says i have the microsoft basic display adapter and i tried the advanced settings in the display control panel and it has the same. I have a dell optiplex 9020, also tried installing drivers for the system but when I do it says its not compatible. What am i supposed to do? If I dont have any graphics card do you recommend if I install one? Thanks.

  2. I have 780ti with mother board msi 170A tomahawk is there any compatibility problem between graphic card and mother board because I very very very tired of problem 43 with my graphic card he accepted nivida drive but still yellow in first time after format with Windows 7;8;10 64 bit
    only standard vga adapter show and after install nvidia drive became 780ti with yellow in device manger please please help me because every solution in the earth I use it but no thing happened 😷😷😷😷😷😷

  3. guys I know how to fix graphics 1st: go to your browser and type clean master for pc then download it after that go to clean master and go to tools then press driver booster 2nd after that a menu will appear press check drivers when it will complete checking there would be a install button for intel hd press it and download 3rd:after that go to device manager and go to display adapters and press on your current graphics then press update dirver from your computer then uncheck the compatible drivers and rool down and press nividia and press the first graphics and intall them after that restart your computer your graphics will change into Intel HD

  4. please help i have a compaq presario f700 with nvida graphics but i cant find the drtver for it. all i have to use is the microsoft bascic adapter which has 0 dedicated video ram. can you help. thaks for your time

  5. plz reply I did a clean install of windows 10 and then my display adapter is microsft display and when I update it it says this is the latest version is already installed (microsft Display adapter) and when I install the intel graphics panel it says your system doesn't meet the minimum requirements

  6. Bryan, i have a problem while installing my nvidia graphics driver. After installation is complete then my pc got shut automatically and then i can no longer able to run games

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