Windows Defender vs TrendMicro 10 on Windows 10

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Both against Scriptors, highlighting how Windows Defender makes use of the new Antimalware Scan Interface module, and how Trend Micro does not.

Note- There is a clarification needed in the comment of the Trend portion of the Video- Windows 10 would have disabled Defender even if Trend did not.


  1. Comodo cloud seems to do well with key loggers.
    I used a test sample from Zemana that was missed y Avira and Webroot.
    Comodo found it rapidly.
    I don't know if Comodo could pass your test but Id like to see how it would do.
    Enjoyed the vid.

  2. I used Trend Micro about 5 years ago. After hitting a rough patch financially. I started just opting for the free Defender after that. Recently I bought a new pc and got trend Micro for free with it. In the past 5 years I have never once had any malware or viruses using WD. After watching this, I think I'll just stick with WD over Trend Micro. Free is good, and I'm used to WD.

  3. Trend download was included with ASUS/Win 10 purchase from BBY.  Looks like Defender is doing a better job.  Trend has good parental controls, etc., but falls short on protection.  I plan to use Defender only after watching this.  Thanks!

  4. When I started reading the description, I knew Trend was in trouble because I used the 2015 version of Trend, and it was very weak against scripts when I tested it over a period of months. But on the other hand, a lot of security products had problems with scripts too. Anyway, thanks for doing this because this is excellent news for Windows Defender/10.

    That song is so relaxing!

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