Windows Does It Better Than Linux

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After living in Linux exclusively for a decade, I have come to the conclusion that there are some things that Windows simply does BETTER than Linux. An objective look at the areas Windows dominates Linux.



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  1. I saw the title and thought, "Huh"? Then while watching you made me laugh. Somehow it reminded me of V.I.S.T.A Viruses. Intruders, Spyware, Trojans, Adware. Im sure all MS versions have always secretly been codenamed VISTA. For anyone who wants to call me a Linux fanboy:- I'll just have to knock you out with a hardback copy of the EULA. Lastly, maybe you havent read this before maybe you have but i just have to repay the laughter lol

  2. There was a saying in the old days, “nobody ever got fired for buying IBM”. The obvious update for today is “nobody got fired for buying Microsoft”. But that doesn”t really sound convincing enough. You need something that sounds more reassuring, don’t you? Something that makes it clear how much worse the alternatives can be.

    How about, “nobody ever got tied to an anthill and smeared with honey for buying Microsoft”.

    Or, “nobody had their skin flayed off, one little cut at a time, with a blunt razor, for buying Microsoft”.

    Or, “nobody ever got tied in a tank with a tap dripping on their head, driving them insane before it drowned them, for buying Microsoft”.

    Do you think that makes Microsoft buyers feel better?

  3. Windows has better upgrade process than Linux. You just have to save all your shit just in case.
    Windows can be installed in more time than Linux, i have seen a 3 hours installation process, no competition there.
    Windows has better intrusive marketing on your face than Linux too… And a hole lot more things. Great video man.

  4. Very well said sir, I just installed a new CPU update this week. I moved hard drives around to and installed Windows just for my wireless router configuration if I learn to do this in the browser and stop being lazy lol I would have no need for Windows anymore. I'm loving Linux and learning as I go, these days Google and Youtube is my friend but it was when I was learning Windows for the last 16 yrs. I installed Windows I didn't say I used for anything this week.After that I install Peppermint OS on my new drive and running that today.So yes I call myself a Linux user and very happy to do so.

  5. LMAO!

    Windows: far superior data collection! Especially with Cortana! Now you don't even need to add spyware to your Windows box – it's there straight out of the box and non removable!
    Software defunct mechanism! The update system in Windows 10 makes your software defunct! Got a piece of software that you love but the company doesn't update it anymore! Microsoft will happily take your beloved software and TRASH it for you! All part of the service!

  6. As soon as LInux would be "Top dog" Desktop OS there would be virus and spyware (because then we would have ms office, ppl would install it, here we go :().
    This is the same as saying hey i can sit my 25y old Dell laptop on the cafe desk and go grab a coffee nobody is gonna steal it while my mac would be stolen == dell laptop is safe against theft.
    Also, linux as in android has viruses, lots of them. Why? Cuz top dog. Also, you are talking about GNU, nothing you are talking about is about the linux(kernel).

    I am using linux and windows, no virus on either since leaving windows xp. U cant compare gnu/linux to windows xp, compare it to win10 and all ther is left is spyware at the same level that you get if you are using any google service including your smartphone.

  7. A major thing that need to be done is for book and tax keeping software companies to embrace linux. The sole purpose my small company has 1 windows server 2012 license and 10 Win10Pro licenses is to keep the ERP running, a $2,500/yr license which god only knows, where this money is spent. It's been the same since 20 years ago. Its interface still looks the same like when it was a DOS program and you can still run it just by copying its directories to a new PC and running the .exe. You re telling me they are not able to code it for linux? Probably they don't care.

  8. lol! You are funny! I like this!One thing I did find out the hard way about using linux for say downloading files and then backing them up for use in windows computers..viruses embedded in files downloaded in linux were not detected until I tried to use the cds with those files backed up to them on windows XP and AVG was going crazy. In Linux the virused mp3 or mp4 file just will not play or will not play correct. Or a jpeg will not display for invalid or corrupt header,etc. So yeah Linux is not so good for viruses and trojens. Darn it all to heck!

  9. Recently bought a laptop with Win 10 and checked it out for the first time in years, and I have to say it's much better than I remember. I'm an "Arch ,i3, do it from the terminal" dude, but I have to admit Win 10 is pretty good if you come at it from an unbiased viewpoint. Runs every AAA game as well as that big, hard-hitting software that Linux "kind of sort of" emulates but not that well. In particular, I'd forgotten how nice the "real" Office suite, Adobe Lightroom and Vegas Pro are. No way I'm leaving Linux but definitely keeping Win 10 on a partition of this laptop.

  10. [ Giggles] Derek, at first glance, I was very concerned about the title, "Windows Does It Better Than Linux". But as it turned out, things are in favour of Linux (I had a good laugh with this one).

    As always, thank you for another great video.

  11. That was funny.

    However, way back in 95, Windows came with a pinball game that was fun. That game is still better than Linux pinball games.

    I have been meaning to test the old pinball games in Wine.

    Looking forward to playing in Wine 3.3 using Vulkan. But I do not know of any games that have Vulkan support.

  12. The one thing I will say Windows has is better gaming for the higher games out there if you have a good video card.But all the things you said are spot on awesome video DistroTube

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