Windows Explorer pane not showing thumbnail previews ?

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Windows thumbnail preview not working ?

There are a few reasons that are common in both Windows 8 and Windows 7 that explains why the Explorer pane is not showing thumbnail previews:

Thumbnails are disabled under Folder Options, showing instead Icons.
Settings to Show thumbnails instead of icons under System Properties are disabled.

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  1. Ignore my last!. this sent "Explorer.exe" into running ever increasing multi-pals of itself, leaving me no option but to restart the PC. Had to go to Control Panel, Default Programs, and set Windows Photo Viewer as the default Photo viewer, and not use the Program you usually use to view or edit photos. Advise (If You Wish) that you open/browse your photos from within your preferred program. previewing files like PDF files seams ok.

  2. What I did. was to right click the file/image/icon. In the pop-up menu. Select, "open with". In the next pop-up menu, click "Choose a Default Program". In the pop-up window, click the Browse Button. In the next window, look in the "windows" folder, and scroll down to find "explorer.exe". Click to select it, and then press the "Open" Button at the bottom. That should do the trick!. Instead of setting a default program to open a photo or picture. Right click and select "open with" and then choose a program in the drop down menu, if the one you want is automaticity listed!. Some one may be able to explain this all better as I am not to well, and can not think straight. Good Luck.

  3. Thank you so much! I recently changed my pc settings to high performance, and thus resulted in the inability to preview files. I saw this setting several times, but nothing was clicking, I needed someone to point me towards what was staring me in the face!

  4. This helped a lot! It's really understandable especially for being posted for almost 3 years. Thanks a lot! Really helped! I had the persisting problem, and now it's fixed thanks to you! Once again thanks for uploading this!

    btw I got Windows 10…THANKS!!

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