Windows Insiders and the weird Windows 10 Redstone 4 builds

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Ah you got to love Microsoft being so secret about Windows 10


  1. Hey man! How Are You???? Well, I think I was one of those responsible for this situation, at least, different. I noticed several errors in Build 17.133.73 that could not be in the Release preview. I recommended that you do not release this build due to compromising performance errors. I've Working hard for almost three days, performing tests anyway. I think they got the message. I'm glad we will have an impressive RS4, soon !!!!!!!!!! (Forgive me for my bad English)

  2. I have Updated all my Machines and i think i know why they did it this way , for me i cant install any updates on 17133 the update Process stops after restart in an endless Looping circle. And they needed to Fix the Windows update platform and maybe a new build is the only way.

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