Windows Movie Maker Tutorial – Tips & Tricks & How To’s – Video Editing Software Free – 2015 Full

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An easy Windows 8.1 “Windows Movie Maker” tutorial for beginners. See easy how-to’s and tips & tricks for creating and editing your video movie. Windows Movie Maker download is free and it’s free video editing software for both beginners and pros alike. Windows Movie Maker gives you loads of special effects using transitions and auto movie themes. See how easy it is to add video text to your video and customize it the way you want it to look and move across your movie screen.

Windows Movie…


  1. M4a is what my movie makers recommended setting saved vid as?! any idea how to now make the one in my desk top file in a format for uploading on youtube.. ? I was so pleased with self too! thought good to go..

  2. This is the editor I use to make my videos and if I did it like you suggest here I would jump off a bridge. You need to take that slide bar on the bottom right of the edit and slide that to max to get your real timeline so you can produce a very good movie…bless your heart, I bet if you did this over again, I would hope you change a lot of it for folks that are struggling.

  3. How do I make the original movie! to work on? I actually want only to do audio, so can I upload a picture and then do the audio from mike you show on your video. Dread full at computers, just learning as want to work on line. and creat a you tube channel. Thank you Julie

  4. I don’t understand how this is helpful. Only covering the first tab in detail is little more than explaining basic MS Office features. Reading off the info on other tabs doesn’t help me understand how they work and when to apply the available features.

  5. Hi, I am having a problem with Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7 when trying to save a movie when the movie clips end up being over a hour combined in length time. I get an error message saying the video file may be corrupt or an unrecognized file type. Has anyone else had this problem or know what the issue might be? Please let me know. Thanks Tony

  6. Wonder why WMM has not evolved in their feature offerings … easily one of the best user-friendly video editor for a beginner to learn & grow on. Will appreciate your inputs on how to add logo image / text watermark, horizontal text scroll, video-within-video, and so on … hope WMM releases a new version incorporating these and more. Maybe like a Pro version, even if, for a price! Thanks for your videos, found many of them truly useful 🙂

  7. cool that you started by showing how to use the function in the beginning. Near the middle continuing to walk through doing what the buttons suggest, rather than just naming the buttons are would be appreciated. It did help a little so thanks…

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