Windows Movie Maker Windows 7 2012 Tutorial Free & Easy

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Windows Movie Maker EASY Tutorial is for those just starting to learn video editing. Microsoft FREE Windows Movie Maker 2.6 for Vista & Windows 7 can be used to make your Youtube videos quickly. Want it for FREE, go to the link below and download it.

I said 2012 in the title because its no longer the year 2011.

Download FREE Windows Movie Maker 2.6 for Vista & Windows 7 :


  1. Hi Nick, got to do an audio with pic. went to file to make correct format for youtube. It said not correct. any idea why? or another way to put into correct format. Julie

  2. The version shown is nothing like the one I have on Windows 7 and I'm told my version is up todate . My preview box is on the left and the strips on the right … Do I have to go to Windows 10 to get this version ?

  3. this software really just suck. one cannot save finished work after a long time of work. tried spiting , reduction, every and anything suggested by the windows help, but still cannot save the shortest video ever.

  4. I've checked all helps for this – it doesn't let me save my movie. I save it in the same location as the source file and there is A LOT of free space – more than enough. 

  5. Looks nothing like my Windows 7 moviemaker and no help at all, and you jumped into things so quick without explaining what you were doing step by step, that even someone with the same software wouldn't be able to follow. Learn what a 'tutorial' means when you say 'easy'

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  7. Hi!
    I just downloaded windows movie maker and it's all good except that when i want to see my movie in preview it play only audio and no video. I have tried to find a solution on google, but either it's too complicated for me to understand or ..well or there just weren't any straight, helpful answers.. so i would be very grateful if you can help me.. =)

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