Windows Vista Vs Windows Xp

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A comparison of Windows Vista and Windows XP


  1. I had Windows XP…

    I removed it and installed Vista x64


    End of the story.

    Fuck you, XP fanboys. Can't afford newer Windows versions? 😉 Or does your PC suck bad? Get a new computer, poor fuckers.

  2. I had a Windows Vista computer and it ran amazingly. I'm getting a Windows XP one because that one is broken. 4 GB of RAM, 250 GB hard drive, and a 3.4 Ghz processor is pretty damn good for only $151.99.

  3. I habe tried vista on many computers including my current one an they all run fine. It's quite obvious it is not going to run on 2 gigs of ram. I do agree that xp is much better in a lot of ways. If you put 4 gigs ram in an xp it would be a beast. If you put that in a vista you would get an average speed computer.

  4. @TheDrNate What the fuck !! why are you asking here !! this is video is not related to the topic man!!! put your brain together dude !! Go ask on youtube. How to ask—> how to fix minecraft on windows vista on a video named windows xp vs vista.. you fucking retard !!!

  5. @JB17Wagna
    I think so. Windows 7 and Vista SP2 are very similar. They both use similar amount of RAM and resources.
    Although Windows 7 performs better in some areas as it has an improved platform.

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